M.I.A., “Boyz” Takes Some Flack

My man DJ Flack just dropped his new remix of M.I.A.’s Boyz on me and I’d like to share it with y’all. Mashit Exclusive: [audio:uggc://znfuvg.pbz/nhqvb/Oblm%20(QW%20Synpx%20Erzvk)%201.zc3] Download: M.I.A. Boyz (DJ Flack Remix) The album version on Boyz is a dope tune as well. In fact, it’s got quite a Boston-bounce to it. Give a listen to it here: [audio:uggc://znfuvg.pbz/nhqvb/Oblm.zc3#30] Then check…

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Mashup of the Week: “ABC Traffic Jam”

This one’s a remix of a remix. A friend of mine sent me Stephen Marley’s Traffic Jam Remix ft. Snoop Dawg (which is dope BTW and you can hear it on Stephen’s theirspace page), and he also graced me with the instrumental. Right away I knew I had to do something with it, and what a better combo than the…

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South Rakkas On Fire

I came across this promo MP3 of South Rakkas upcoming album on Mad Decent. It’s obviously gonna be fire! These guys have been producing blazin’ dancehall riddims for a minute, and I’ve always been attracted to the stuff ’cause it seems to be influenced by sounds that aren’t part of the standard Jamaican palette (not that there really ever is…

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DUDE N NEM FLOSSTRADAMUS WILLY JOY THUNDER HORSE Tonight: Wed, Sept 12th @ SUB-T / ONLY 5 BUX! “Metal Head Flyer” by Thunder Horse

Eclectic Junglists

Murderbot and I ventured out to Zebo and Hess‘s Can I Kick It party last night. It turned out that Manny (AKA DJ Magneto AKA ERS One) was the guest DJ. It was like a junglist convention in there, yet no jungle was being dropped. Seems that ‘Bot and I aren’t the only ones who have become fed up with…

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Mashup of the Week: “I Get Women”

All right, here we go. We’re gonna kick off this mashup of the week series with a fun and strange little somethin’ I just whipped up. It’s called I Get Women and it’s Lexie Lee‘s Woman Run It vocal on top of 50 Cent’s I Get Money beat. In order to get Lexie’s vocals to work harmonically I had to…

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DJ Donnasummer (AKA Jason Forrest) just brought this Belgian/Dutch style of music to my attention via his sick Jump Set DJ mix. Apparently Jumpstyle has been around for a while, but it’s now beginning to spread across Europe. There are plenty of videos of the jumpstyle dance on YouTube. For example: Here’s what Jason had to say about the mix:…

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