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Mashup of the Week: “ABC Traffic Jam”

Stephen MarleyJackson 5This one’s a remix of a remix. A friend of mine sent me Stephen Marley’s Traffic Jam Remix ft. Snoop Dawg (which is dope BTW and you can hear it on Stephen’s theirspace page), and he also graced me with the instrumental. Right away I knew I had to do something with it, and what a better combo than the Marleys and the Jacksons. Little Michael’s voice on ABC sounds perfect over this riddim.


Download: DJ C (Ft. The Jackson 5, Steven Marley, Naughty By Nature) The ABC Traffic Jam (Armed With Harmony)

0 thoughts on “Mashup of the Week: “ABC Traffic Jam”

  1. …we’re feeling it, so we’re sending you this one in return, young michael and some big lads he met in the yard… u should have a doo-hickey on this here website that we can up stuff to bud, but in the meantime, u can get the gladmash here. keep it comin’

  2. Sorry, I changed the link in your first post ’cause it was so long it was wrapping funny.

    Only problem now is that I can’t see/hear the mp3 when I go to that site.

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