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DJ Mix: Squincy Jones; “Nintendub”

Nintendub CoverThis is crunkstep if I ever heard it. Houston, TX based Squincy Jones is on that screwed-dubstep-nintendo shit that you’ve heard in your dreams but you didn’t consciously realize existed yet.

In his words:

I worked on this bad jackson for about 2-3 weeks. I had a couple beta versions I worked on and slowly kept adding to it. I’m very proud of it. It combines three of the raddest things to ever happen to music.

  • Dubstep
  • 8bit Nintendo Loops
  • Rap



Squincy Jones; Nintendub


  • Mario Ds Screwed Intro
  • Rogue State – Lions Paw (Metroid – Kraid’s Hide Edit)
  • Babylon System – Dancing Shoes (Draped Out Edit)
  • Walsh & Kromestarr – Panik Room (3 Kings Edit)
  • Marlow – Road Kill (Goonies Edit)
  • Benga – Zombie Jig (Wizards & Warriors Kryptonite Edit)
  • Rusko – Hornz Cru (Diet Kryptonite Edit)
  • Loefah – Disko Rekah (Goonies Pop Trunk Edit)
  • Unsolved Mysteries Theme
  • Chimpo – Lockoff (Freaky Girl Edit)
  • Nastee Boi – Bangorz (Knuck if you Buck Edit)
  • Mike Lennon – When Science Fails (Hektagon Remix) (Shorty Swing Edit)
  • Babylon System – Loaded
  • DJ Unk – Beatn Down Yo Block
  • Woogie – End Dub
  • Rustie – Response
  • DZ – Just Rolling
  • Rustie – Jagz The Smack (Zelda Edit)
  • Gerard McMann – Cry Little Sister
  • Kode 9 – 9 Samurai
  • Kode 9 – 9 Samurai (Quarta 330 Remix)

22 thoughts on “DJ Mix: Squincy Jones; “Nintendub”

  1. Well played on the unsolved mystery bit I both laughed and got scared at the same time… cuz that show gave me nightmare as a kid.

  2. Good mix, intro is wack, I could have made that in 1994 when I was 15. I was ready to turn it off after listening to the first 10 seconds, but I persevered and it was worth it.

  3. Agreed about the intro being weak, I was about to turn it off but then I heard a delicious wave of 8bit wobble.

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