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DJ C & Zulu; “Gods & Robots Mixtape”

DJ C & Zulu; Gods & Robots Mixtape ->


Gods-and-Robots-MixtapeLast February, when we posted a bunch of Zulu’s a-capellas here and challenged folks to  “download – remix – upload” we had no idea we’d get back so many dope tracks, but we did and many of them are featured in this 31-track, 1-hour continuous DJ C mix of Zulu‘s vocals backed by hype party tracks from producers the world over. Guest vocal appearances by Aceyalone, Jah Orah, and Onili, round out the productions by artists like Ghislain Poirier, David Last, Sabbo, and many others.

Also out now: DJ C & Zulu Gods & Robots album featuring many of the tracks on this mix.

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DJ C & Zulu; Gods & Robots Mixtape ->


All vocals by Zulu (Chicago, IL) except where noted
Cover illustration by Bartek Karas (Zulu Remix)


  • Title – Producer
  1. Dear John – DJ C (Chicago, IL)
  2. Red Light – Backplay (Belgium)
  3. Soundgun Emergency* – DJ C
  4. Body Work – Frikstailers (Cordoba, Argentina)
  5. Call The Specialist – DJ Flack (Boston, MA)
  6. Talk Positive – Process Rebel (San Francisco, CA)
  7. Lucky Day^ – DJ C
  8. Gods and Robots – DJ C
  9. Firestarter (Flame On Mix) – Jesse Kriss (Cambridge, MA)
  10. Firestarter – David Last (Brooklyn, NY)
  11. Darling Instrumental – DJ C
  12. Darling – Ghislain Poirier (Montreal, QC, Canada)
  13. Darling – DJ C
  14. Hardcore Tonight Riddim – DJ C
  15. Exhibition Virtues (Hardcore Tonight Remix) – DJ C
  16. Body Work – Octa Push (Lisbon, Portugal)
  17. Jump Up and Bounce Riddim – DJ C
  18. Body Work – DJ C
  19. Body Work – DJ Suma (Texas)
  20. Animal Attraction – DJ C
  21. Animal Attraction – Cringer (Chicago, IL)
  22. Ransom the Senator (Version) – DJ C
  23. Ransom the Senator – DJ C
  24. Ransom the Senator – Searchl1te (Chicago, IL)
  25. Loose Control – Kush Aurora (San Francisco, CA)
  26. Spanish Fly – David Last
  27. Body Work – Chrissy Murderbot (Chicago, IL)
  28. Truthfully – Atki2 (Bristol, U.K.)
  29. Death Roll (Truthfully) – JKS aka Jeekoos (Chicago, IL)
  30. Spanish Fly – Onedub (Málaga, Spain)
  31. Spanish Fly – Sabbo (Tel Aviv, Israel)

* = Additional Vocals by Aceyalone and Jah Orah (Los Angeles, CA)
^ = Vocals by Onili (Tel Aviv, Israel)

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