17 thoughts on “Major Lazer “Hold The Line (DJ C Remix)”

  1. hey… welcome back… thanks for the remix. we missed you.

    you might enjoy my last dubstep dump some nice variety for your speakers. i regularly post my a-list tunes (sort of… had a hiatus like you recently)

  2. thanks for the reminder via twitter, i’ve finally heard it. this is hot! you’re trully missed, i thought you had some new tracks to release… ?

  3. this remix is so hot. and it kills floors. play it almost every time i play… especially good for picking people up after a dark section… boom… instant happy.

    i’d love to know the source of the sample drop @ 0:35… love that beat… (and props for using “monday massacre”, which still sounds modern all these years later…)

  4. Hey James,

    That track at 0:35 is a Ludacris instrumental, the title of which I have tagged as “Backstabbaz” but I can’t find any more info about it online. It was given to me by DJ Flack. I’ll have to ask him for further details.

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