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I <3 LoDubs

I’m really really really feeling this label lately. They’re a dubstep label run out of the Anthem Records shop in Portland, and their stuff is just SICK (not to mention their sleeve design–BEAUTIFUL!)

Seriously–they’re effing GORGEOUS sleeves–hand-printed label logo on a jacket cut from the kind of brown kraft paper that we all know and love from the bags they give you at the record shop (or the comic book shop, liquor store, porn palace…but I know them from the record store).

Anyway, LoDubs has released tunes from perennial Mashit favorite Starkey, South3rn, 6Blocc (aka L.A. jungle producer R.A.W.), and Bombaman (including a super-hot Bombaman remix of Solvent), and have an INTENSE list of slated releases for the near future: Mashit fave Pacheko, DZ (including a DZ Morcheeba remix), South3rn’s absolutely MASSIVE and super-sought-after “Fully Loaded” b/w “Muslim Dub”, a Nadja remix by Vex’d, and a 2CD mix by 6Blocc. Check out their site (just a myspace page at the moment,, and have a free mixset of LoDubs tunes (old stuff and super-duper-tippy-top-secret unreleased dub plate business) courtesy of Jon @ Anthem:

Download: LoDubs Mixtape (mixed by Monkeytek)


  1. 6Blocc; Creal (Los Bud 1207002))
  2. Starkey; Dementia (Lo Dubs 1207001)
  3. Solvent; Think Like Us (Bombaman Remix) (Lo Dubs SR-01)
  4. 6Blocc; Digits (Los Bud 1207002)
  5. DZ feat. Awaken Lion; Chalice (dub)
  6. Ekaj; Hibari (dub)
  7. DZ; That Bongo Dub (dub)
  8. South3rn; La Rana (Lo Dubs 1207003)
  9. Shonkey; Warning (dub)
  10. South3rn; Mangione Tribe Dub (Lo Dubs 1207003)
  11. OSC; Burn Dem Up (dub)
  12. South3rn; Fully Loaded (dub)
  13. South3rn; Untitled Dub (dub)
  14. Dial M; Shadows (dub)

14 thoughts on “I <3 LoDubs

  1. I’m totally into Starkey’s “Dementia” track — but I’ve been playing it on 45 instead of 33 like in this mix. It works great as a little double-time beat on top of some E-40 hyphy bizzle. I actually heard it first a few months ago at where the online sample is played at 45rpm.

  2. A friend dropped some LoDubs shit on me in December and I’ve been juiced on it since. DZ’s tearing it up and I can’t get enough of Bombaman. I’m stoked to find out they’re stateside!

    bwup bwup!

  3. yo spiro. that’s been a thing with previews of my tunes. for some reason stores are always recording the samples on the wrong speed. haha. i should listen to the record at 45 though… haven’t actually tried it.

  4. i’m a late bird on this mutha, heheh.
    dope mix from the man El Monkeyteks (i still have on constant rinse mode)

    and good review on the design, thanks…. was glad to have worked on it with Jon.

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