HTTP // GOLD (Adult Contemporary Serotonin For The 21st Century)

Download: HTTP // GOLD (Adult Contemporary Serotonin For The 21st Century) When FM radio emerged in the late ‘60s as a format for “album-oriented” rock music, it was a new, open-ended land of opportunity. The music enthusiasts who were excited enough to want to broadcast their favorite new tunes using the not-yet-popular platform were about to blow open an entire generations’s…

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DJ Mix “Beats Researched”

Digging back 20 years into the explosive jungle sound which pushed toward dubstep 10 years later, and eventually led to the global bass movement as we know it today, this mix weaves together some those stylistic threads routed in Jamaican, UK, and US dance music culture. DJ C “Beats Researched” Tracklist: Ori Shochat x Dango – “Rain” Dennis Brown –…

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DJ Mix: “Back & Forth”

As another year draws to a close I recently had the privilege of DJing the OpenGovChicago holiday party with my brother in decks, John Tolva. In preparation for the gig I recorded this set of classic-futurist-dancehall-pop. Farewell 2013 and all the best in 2014: –>> Download <<– –>> Download <<–

DJ Mix: “Prana Pushers”

On October 25th, 2013 DJ C partnered with yoga instructor Sara Strother on a sonic experiment in yoga practice called Prana Pushers. This 105 minute DJ set was recorded live at the event: Download: DJ C Prana Pushers Mix Prana Pushers by Dj C on Mixcloud

DJ Mix: The Blends

Here’s a blend of genres containing already blended genres. From electronic dub, to a series of tracks that wobble back and forth between hip-hop, dancehall and jungle, to pop-undergroud mashups, this mix, featuring tracks by Wildlife, Disrupt, Goulet, Krinjah, Vinyl Blight and more, is all over the map. Just how I like it! Download: DJ C “The Blends” -> Or…

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Bad Girls Scale it Back – M.I.A. Meets Little Dragon

When I heard M.I.A. was performing at the Superbowl halftime show it was almost compelling enough to get me to tune in for that oh-so-overblown of American past-times. I didn’t, partly because I knew if there was anything interesting to see it’d be all over YouTube before you can say YouTube. Sure enough, the most talked about aspect of the…

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DJ Mix: The Funk So Rubber

  When I first heard a TB303 “acid” track it sounded like nothing else. The wobbling portamento tones slid into each other like the mailable, bouncy rubber and created an alien kind of funk. Those sounds were developed in the ’80s Chicago house scene by artists like Phuture (DJ Pierre & friends), and continued to evolve throughout the ’90s, particularly in the…

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What’s Up With Dubstep?

A couple of newsy bits flew by the radar today including: “Don’t Believe The Hate: Skrillex Is Already The Next Big Thing…” & “James Blake is Not Feeling the U.S. Dubstep ‘Frat Boy Market‘” It’s quite obvious that “Dubstep,” weather it’s the indie-rock version or the metal version, has seeped it’s way into the pop world. So I was excited…

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Suffocation Keep

A few years ago I was asked to do this remix of Suffocation Keep by The Slip. It was a fun challenge to make an electronic interpretation of their sweeping, melancholic, indie-rock tack, and I really liked the outcome, but alas, it was never released. I added it on as the last track on my Umami album, but instead of…

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New DJ C Album – Umami – Out Now

Listen on SoundCloud: Available from these and other fine music download outlets: iTunes | Juno Download | Amazon MP3 | eMusic | DJ Download | Satellite Records | 7Digital | Napster | Rhapsody Please join us for a free Umami album release party at Smart Bar in Chicago, June 9. They call it Boston Bounce but we call it banging.…

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