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DJ Mix: The Blends

Here’s a blend of genres containing already blended genres. From electronic dub, to a series of tracks that wobble back and forth between hip-hop, dancehall and jungle, to pop-undergroud mashups, this mix, featuring tracks by Wildlife, Disrupt, Goulet, Krinjah, Vinyl Blight and more, is all over the map. Just how I like it!

Download: DJ C “The Blends” ->
Or listen on Mixcloud:

The Blends by Dj C on Mixcloud

1 thought on “DJ Mix: The Blends

  1. Sweet! Thanks for comin’ back. I’ve got 2 little ones of my own, and I know how creative activities can take a back seat when getting married, changing jobs, havin’ kids. Thanks for the sweet mix!


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