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DJ C “B-Low” Mix

Download: DJ C; B-Low DJ Mix ->

More vibes comin’ atcha! This one’s a dubstep-centric mix I cooked up featuring BIG tunes by a bunch of friends, in addition to a few folks who’s paths I hope to cross one of these days.

Check the links below for more info about the artists involved, including our pals from way down south (Caracas Venezuela), Cardopusher and Pacheko who’ve put together a slammin’ little album that we’ve released here at Mashit. Check it out in the Shop ->


  1. Stenchman; “On The Road Again”
  2. Schlachthofbronx; “Bronx Dub:
  3. Max Ulis; “kILL aNOTHA sOUND”
  4. abZ; “Cylinder”
  5. Elemental; “Space Expander”
  6. Juju; “Punks”
  7. Fat Freddy’s Drop; “Cay’s Crays (Digital Mystikz Version)”
  8. Si Begg; “Pete Fucking Tong”
  9. MRK1; “Never Warned”
  10. Sosolimited; “Um Nah”
  11. Exillon; “Moon Shiner Remix”
  12. Burial; “Archangel (Boy 8-Bit‘s Simple Re-Mix)”
  13. N-Type / The Others; “Way of the Dub (Caspa Rmx)”
  14. abZ; “Bumpy (Wascal Mix)”
  15. RSD; “Kingfisher”
  16. DJ C ft. Chrissy; “Strut Dub”
  17. Schlachthofbronx; “Fatthing (Dubstep Rmx)”
  18. The Colonel; “Big Trouble (Original Mix)”
  19. Starkey; “Stripped Gutted (DJ C Mix)”
  20. Timeblind; “Skater 6”
  21. Squincy Jones “Shawty Swing (Nintendub Edit)”
  22. DJ C (Ft. Ghislain Poirier, Face T, & T.I.); “Blazin’ Hurts”
  23. Ghislain Poirier (feat. Face-T); “Blazin’ (DJ C Remix)”
  24. Stenchman; “The Number One”
  25. Sully; “Living”
  26. DJ C; “Since You’ve Been In This Club (Dub Mix)”
  27. Starkey; “Dementia”
  28. Schlachthofbronx; “System Red Remix (ft. Mr. Vegas and Babylon System)”
  29. Villa Diamante; “Daleduro vs Lady Tigra”
  30. Timeblind; “CopyCopy”
  31. DJ Donna Summer: “Rock Rock Rock (Aaron Spectre Remix)”
  32. Pacheko; “Bi Polar Bear”
  33. Cotti; “Mi Nua Friend Oddessy (Remix)”
  34. Cardopusher; “PAO! Total Xplosion of the Heart (Cardopusher rmx)”
  35. Buju Banton; “Murderer”
  36. Pacheko; “Green Bull”
  37. Point B; “Gymede (Original Mix)
  38. Ebola; “Teledildonics”
  39. Cardopusher; “Homeless”
  40. DJ C; “Dehydrogenated”
  41. Math Head; “Last”

17 thoughts on “DJ C “B-Low” Mix

  1. The Others; “Bushido (Caspa Rmx)”

    that is N-Type – Way Of The Dub (Caspa Remix).

    will this: DJ C ft. Chrissy; “Strut Dub”
    be available somewhere?

  2. nice mix! i think the Timeblind track is mislabeled too… should be “CopyCopy”, right? i often write about decaying metadata b/c my life is filled with it. that 12″ had the labels on the wrong sides too…

  3. nice mix!
    that intro-tune is really great.

    do you know if there’s anything to find
    about “exilon” on the web. i’m absolutely
    in love withthis track, but i can’t find
    any info on the tune or the artist?

    thanks a lot, and keep doing the mashit-shit

  4. badman mix
    where the fuk can i get the second and third tracks from?
    looked in nuff places but cant find dem

  5. Hello DJ C, I have been searching more material from you and unfortunately did not found! I consider you mix REALLY good, cant describe how I feel… keep doing it bro!

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