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Zizek Summer Tour: Digital-Cumbia Decends on North America

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Villa Diamante; Chancha Via Circuitovs Lil Mama ->

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A few months ago I wandered over to Sonotheque to check out Zizek’s first-ever Chicago performance. The rag-tag crew of Argentina-based sonic alchemists threw down beats the likes of which that sound-system had never before been asked to reproduce. The swaggering shuffle of Zizek go accoustic at Sonothequeelectronic cumbia with huge bass forced all of the few people in the place to sway and eventually dance their faces off. By the end of the show, members of the crew had formed an impromptu acoustic cumbia jam with traditional drums, percussion, melodica, and vocals. It was a crying shame that there weren’t more people in the house to experience and partake in one of the best dance parties of the year.

All hope is not lost. Zizek returns to North Amercia this week on a 16 stop summer tour, including another Sonotheque party, and you’re You strongly advised to catch them.

Villa Diamante will be on the tour. Give a listen to this mix he did for the XLR8R Podcast:
Tracklist and download ->

In their own words:

Zizek is dedicated to the creation of endless tropical nights of dancing utilizing the emerging sounds of Cumbia, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Reggaetón, Bastard Pop, Mashups and more. The goal however is to give these styles, ideas and rhythms an Argentine touch, with the aim of putting Buenos Aires on the map of the global music scene.

The star of Zizek has been Cumbia, a Latin American sound born from the fusion of old and new worlds in Colombia. Zizek is adapting cumbia’s distinctive rhythm to make it relevant to a new generation of Latin Americans and it´s artists have created a few genres of their own, like cumbia beat, cumbiastep, and cumbia hop. Zizek’s producers are bringing out contrasting takes on a genre that already has a massive following and it is exploding faster than it ever would have up until now.

Following up their much hyped SXSW appearance, the revolving Zizek crew will be in the USA, Canada and Mexico again this July for a coast to coast summer blowout tour. DJ Villa Diamante and Bersa Discos Oro11 together with ZZK Records newest artists Fauna and Chancha Vía Circuíto will be bringing the new sound of Argentina to North America this time around.

The tour will feature DJ Sets and Performances by:

Villa Diamante
B.A.’s “it DJ” and Zizek Resident, specializes in mashing up Argentine & Latin American flavor with Northern Hemisphere Hip Hop, Grime, Electro, & Pop.

Fauna’s “Tropitronica” sound blends Latin elements with electronic beats and the duo includes live hip-hop/ragga vocals to round out their upbeat, sonically innovative productions.

Chancha Vía Circuíto
Chancha is one of the hottest names in the new cumbia scene. His productions have caught the eye of international beat hunters and his tracks have been featured heavily on mixtapes by Diplo, Maga Bo and more.

Co -owner of S.F.’s Bersa Discos, Oro11 lived in Buenos Aires for 3 years where he developed a taste for intensifying and modernizing cumbia villera through harder dancehall and Baltimore club beats.

Tour Dates:

  • 07.10.08 (LAMC) @ SOBs – New York City, New York w/ Toy Selectah
  • 07.11.08 @ Club Lambi – Montreal, Canada
  • 07.12.08 (Ritmo y Color Festival) @ Brigantine Room – Toronto, Ontario
  • 07.14.08 @ TBA
  • 07.15.08 @ TBA – Detroit, Michigan
  • 07.16.08 @ Sonotheque – Chicago, IL
  • 07.17.08 @ TBA – Cleveland, Ohio
  • 07.18.08 @ TBA
  • 07.19.08 @ SOBs – New York City, New York
  • 07.22.08 @ Nectar – Seattle, Washington
  • 07.23.08 @ Berbati’s Pan – Portland, Oregon
  • 07.24.08 @ Mezzanine -San Francisco, CA w/ Bersa Discos & Drop the Lime
  • 07.25.08 @ TBA – Los Angeles, CA
  • 07.26.08 @ Getty Museum – Los Angeles, California
  • 07.31.08 @ Pasaguero – Mexico City, Mexico w/ Las Kumbia Queers
  • 08.02.08 @ Syntheticrocks – Mexico City, Mexico

3 thoughts on “Zizek Summer Tour: Digital-Cumbia Decends on North America

  1. so its not just all internet hype as rupture claimed in fader? these guys actually throw a good party with good music? im there…

  2. Certainly internet hype is why they’ve become well known, in addition to the press they’re now getting in zines like XLR8R and URB (and apparently fader). That’s the way anyone gets known; PR!

    I do get the feeling that part of the hype is based on the fact that they’re from a place that seems exotic to the U.S. music press. Their music isn’t necessarily better than what any number of other electronic-dance-music outfits are doing these days, though it is interesting and fun that they’re incorporating Central/South American folk music sounds into their mix.

    The bottom line is that they make and play really fun party/dance music. The hype is only relevant in that it’s helping them reach a wider audience.

  3. I’m definitely gonna go see them this saturday @ SOBs…its gonna be crazy ….

    i was at the last one, they always attract lots of girls…so nothing bad with lots of good music, lots of pretty good ladies and just all around fun…

    this is something new, this is epic can’t wait. JULY 19@ SOBs

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