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DJ C “On The Night Bass” Mix

DJ C; On The Night Bass

I made this for last month’s mix and now I’d like to share it with y’all here. Check the tracklist below for lots-a juicy links to more info about the artists, tracks, and labels.

Also note the tracks Dear John and Exhibition Virtues (Hardcore Tonight Remix) which is featured on the DJ C & Zulu album, Gods & Robots.

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DJ C; On The Night Bass


  1. DJ Skeet Skeet ‘Party Like A Rockstar’ – EatSkeet.Com
  2. DJ C & Zulu ‘Dear John’ – Mashit
  3. Wayne&Wax vs. Kanye West ‘A It Dat’ (Gold) –
  4. Boreta ‘Slide That Dutch’ – Unreleased
  5. Amerie vs. Rupee feat. Lil Kim ‘One Damn Thing’ –
  6. Busta Rhymes ft. Missy Elliott ‘How We Do It Over Here’ (Curtis Vodka Remix) –
  7. Apple Juice Kid ‘Africandancehal’ (Ft. Scoop) – Unreleased
  8. South Rakkas Crew ‘Hotter Than Them’ (Extended Mix) [feat. Kid Foreigner & Bigga Boss]’ – Mad Decent
  9. Milanese ‘Caramel Cognac’ – Planet µ
  10. Warrior Queen & The Heatwave – ‘Things Change’ (DJ C Mix) – Soul Jazz
  11. Britney Spears ‘My Perogative’ – Jive
  12. Talking Heads ‘Take Me To The River’ (ATOM‘s Depth Charge Distortion Mix) – Promo
  13. KW Griff ‘Respect’ (Mooqee & Russ Cuban Edit) – Bomb Strikes
  14. Freebass 808 ‘Kiss and Bump’ – Unreleased
  15. Shadows J ‘Hip This House’ (Local Vocal Mix) – Quark
  16. D Fly ‘Perculator Rap (Tired Of The Perculator)’ – Street Hits
  17. DJ C & Zulu ‘Exhibition Virtues (Hardcore Tonight Remix)’ – Mashit
  18. Kid Fareigna ‘Light Up’ – South Rakkas (Chinkuzi Riddim)
  19. Bronski Beat ‘Smalltown Boy’ – London Records
  20. CSS ‘Death From Above’ (SMD Mix) – Sub Pop
  21. Baltimoroder ‘Wile Out’ (VIP Mix) –
  22. Nirvana ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ (Tastes Like Skeet) – EatSkeet.Com
  23. Destiny’s Child ft. Spruce Lee ‘Bumpin Bumpin’ – Label Unknown
  24. DJ Tameil ‘Jamrock Theme’ – Label Unknown
  25. Toddla T ‘Do U Know’ (Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal Dub) – 1965 Records
  26. Christina Aguilera ‘Aint No Other Man’ (Blaerg‘s Oral Fistfuck Remix) –
  27. Herve ‘Rocky Raver’ – Dubsided
  28. DJ Die Young ‘Crank Dat’ (Edit) – Unreleased
  29. Milanese vs. Busta Rhymes ‘Touch It Billy’ –
  30. Onili ‘Games’ (Sabbo Remix) – Unreleased
  31. South Rakkas Crew ‘Hot Patty’ (feat. Sandy Smith & Professor Murder) – Mad Decent
  32. The Small Faces ‘Lazy Sunday’ – Immediate

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