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South Rakkas On Fire

South Rakkas “Mix Up” EP CoverI came across this promo MP3 of South Rakkas upcoming album on Mad Decent. It’s obviously gonna be fire!

These guys have been producing blazin’ dancehall riddims for a minute, and I’ve always been attracted to the stuff ’cause it seems to be influenced by sounds that aren’t part of the standard Jamaican palette (not that there really ever is a standard Jamaican palette). I suppose that’s partly because they’re based in Florida, not JA, and perhaps that explains the rave-music influence. Florida was a hotbed of said culture in its hey-day. But it’s not just American rave, I hear lots of UK influence in there. The Clappas riddim has a swing to it that can be mixed with the swing drum&bass stuff that was coming out at the time, and the Bionic Ras riddim not only sounds sort of like 2-step-garage, but it even features some UK vocalists. In fact it seems that South Rakkas member Alex G is a prolific producer of house, breaks, and other electronic-dance-music styles.

The fact that this little MP3 sampler features Sesame St. “Pinball Number Count” along-side Josh Wink’s ’90s-acid-anthem “Higher States of Consciousness” and reggae greats like TOK and Capleton is simply ridiculous, and I for one can’t wait to hear the EP.

“Pinball Number Count” from Sesame St.: