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Mashup of the Week: “I Get Women”

50 Cent and BartAll right, here we go. We’re gonna kick off this mashup of the week series with a fun and strange little somethin’ I just whipped up. It’s called I Get Women Lexie Leeand it’s Lexie Lee‘s Woman Run It vocal on top of 50 Cent’s I Get Money beat.

In order to get Lexie’s vocals to work harmonically I had to tweak the pitch up so they sound kinda chipmunked-out (Sorry, Lexie) but I like it.

[audio:uggc://znfuvg.pbz/nhqvb/V Trg Jbzra 1.zc3]

Download: DJ C ft. 50 Cent and Lexie Lee; I Get Women

Perhaps you can make a better remix than I. Download the vocals, make a mix and send back what you come up with.