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Election Season Wrap Up

Shooting out Peace GrafLets begin with a brand new political bounce-step track from DJ Flack, the title of which sums up part of our longing for change right now:

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DJ Flack “Ready for Peace” ->

Now for the recap. We began blogging about this historic election back in Feb. when Snoop Dogg was on Larry King discussing the race between Barack and Hillary. There were many more posts to follow. Here are some highlights:

Fosforo “Cumbia de Obama”

[youtube reBk_vc0EC8]

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Barack chillin’ with the Cool Kids

Cool Kids with Barak Obama

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Cocoa Tea “Barack Obama ->

M.I.A. “Paper Planes (Rock City Obama Version)” ->

M.I.A. “Boyz (Remix ft. Jay Z)” ->

M.I.A. “Boyz (Remix ft. Wale)” ->

Tomorrow I’ll be in Indiana to help get folks to the polls, after which I’ll be heading over to Obama’s election night party in Chicago’s Grant Park, so stay tuned to our Twitter feed for updates.

Lets win this! Don’t forget to VOTE!

3 thoughts on “Election Season Wrap Up

  1. This video by BBC investigative reporter Greg Palast reminds us that the Repubs could easily steal the election again:

    There’s obviously a wave of enthusiasm for Obama but he needs to win beyond the margin of error in order to get beyond the fraud. Palast suggests 7 things voters can do to keep their vote from being stolen:

    1. 1) Don’t vote by mail if you can avoid it
    2. 2) Vote early
    3. 3) Make sure you’re registered (and that you haven’t been purged):
    4. 4) If your name is not on the voter rolls, don’t let them give you a provisional ballot. It will probably be thrown out. Demand a real ballot or call 1.866.OUR.VOTE (1.866.687.8683):
    5. 5) Go to a swing state and help people get to the polls
    6. 6) Don’t go to the polls alone. Bring backup
    7. 7) After Nov. 4th make sure all the votes are counted. Stay vigilant!

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