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M.I.A. Sparks the Boyz to Talk Politics

Mr. T and Nancy RagenI’m noticing an emerging theme; M.I.A. has been inspiring some hip-hop activism on her remixes. I’m glad to see her and Jay Z (!) taking the lead by talking about leadership. Jay seems to realize that his piece of the bling-pie will be eaten by someone much more wealthy than him if he doesn’t speak up and push for change.

Gotta get Bush out the chair.
Give Obama the floor.
Lets bring back Ragen,
at least we were gettin’ that raw.
These Politicians don’t give a s***
The hood’s still gettin’ ingnored

– Jay Z

Not sure what he means about Ragen but…

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M.I.A. “Boyz (Remix ft. Jay Z)” ->

Prey with our troops
and hope for Obama

– Wale

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M.I.A. “Boyz (Remix ft. Wale)” ->

Then there’s this Paper Planes remix by Rock City that I posted recently.

I ride for Obama
I ain’t messin’ with McCain
Stop the War on Terror
Cause we ready for a change
Gas prices to high
Plus these jobs ain’t payn’
I ain’t a politician
But my N**** I’m sane

Obama ’08
Doesn’t that sound great
My president is black
Yours is a disgrace

– Rock City

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M.I.A. “Paper Planes (Rock City Obama Version)” ->

2 thoughts on “M.I.A. Sparks the Boyz to Talk Politics

  1. nicenessss… been looking for this one.
    ‘Gettin That Raw’ means ‘At LEAST they had the opportunity to make money in the coke game during Reagan’s Reign Of Terror. That small line speaks volumes.

  2. I was young during the Reagan era but it seems to me that the “coke game” had devolved in to full-on urban warfare and horrible decay for low income folks by the early ’90s. While I’m sure a few people who had no other means for survival made substantial money that way, a much larger number of people were dragged way down deep, often 6 feet under.

    I for one am not inviting Reaganomics back to the table. I’m deeply hopeful that Obama’s better plans to help low income folks become productive members of a peaceful society come to fruition.

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