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This McCain attack ad equating Obama with Britney Spears and Paris Hiltion is hilarious!

John McCain and Barak ObamaFirst of all, I don’t know about Paris, but Britney was a Bush supporter. Is the ad trying to say Obama is a stupid blond bimbo like the one who voted for Bush before? Wow!

Second, the ad is practically an endorsement of Obama. I mean they’re saying he’s the most popular guy in the world and then questioning whether he’s ready to lead. It’s quite obvious from the images in the ad that he’s already leading.

The one infuriating part of the ad is the claim that Obama will increase our dependence on foreign oil. That’s a classic Republican attack machine lie.

Right now we could increase the fuel efficiency of our cars to 43 miles a gallon, and if we increased the fuel efficiency of our cars to 43 miles a gallon then we would have to import zero oil from the middle east. That is something that we could do right now.

– Barak Obama (Barak TV | Environment ->)

McCain attack ad; “Celeb”:
[youtube oHXYsw_ZDXg]

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  1. wow! don’t know much about american politics but this mccain attack ad is pretty stupid 8-|… well i don’t know much about american television neither so i guess it’s pretty common to present your challenger as a winner… 😉 anyway, europe can’t wait for obama but hush i’ve heard that what’s good for europe is bad for the states…

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