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Get to the Truth

Remeber that dude Zebbler who came to international attention for getting arrested during the Boston Mooninite “Bomb” scare? Curious what he’s been up to? He sent over this kind of amazing music video recently. The music is like epoch-jungle-trance and the video has naked people! It’s really well put together and pushes some boundries:

Zebbler Encanti Experience “Get to the Truth” Video:

[vimeo 3182593]

Get To The Truth was created by Zebbler Encanti Experience, a Boston-based audio-visual immersive performance duo. We are generally known to use heavy a/v effects in our performances, which makes this piece remarkably restrained. Get To The Truth instead uses human body and nature as its central focus. The video itself reflects on the magnetic effects of human culture/flesh to our individual psyche and the perennial attempt to reach beyond the box we are confined to.

It was shot in various spots in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, with the final mountain shot taking place on the morning of the US presidential election (Nov 4th, 2008).

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  1. Yeah Man, Encanti did a laptop set at Beat Research a few weeks back and it was amazing. Check out the tracks on his Myspace page He does a glitchcore reworking of “Represent Boston” and I know you will dig the triplet feel of “Chemical Flaws” Zebbler’s videos are always dope too. Cheers!

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