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Discontent on Pecheko, Cardopusher

Australian blog, Discontent wrote up this nice little review of our recent release, ThisTroy by Cardopusher & Pacheko:

DJ C’s Mashit label has been going hard and not even considering going home throughout 2008 with releases from the label boss himself, alongside DJ Flack, Zulu, Bong Ra and Murderbot. Coming on like a bottom end Santa Claus, DJ C dropped some yultide cheer at the tail end of the year with a split release that went some way towards representing the new sound of Caracas – four tracks from the prolific producer Cardopusher (who recently dropped his Hyperdub debut), and three from new kid on the Venezuelan block, Pacheko. It’s not a particular surprise to find this pairing back to back – both seem entwined in each other’s back catalogue, with various remixes and mixtapes ricocheting between them. Pacheko also counts Starkey amongst his cohorts – with another recent split single (on Lo Dubs) and a remix from the Philadelphia producer.

The original version of the track below,”Green Bull”, features on the Mashit single, “This Troy”, however this sprightly bleep’n’bass version is released as a non-EP teaser. It’s a fair reflection of Pacheko’s output thus far – a producer with a cheeky spring in his dubstep, unafraid to rub electro melodies and pop-skank rhythms with his heavy bass treatments. Buy the release at mashit.com.

You can download a version of Pacheko’s track Green Bull over at the Dicontent post ->

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