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Baile Frik

The Frikstailers are a Cordoba Argentina based electronic music duo. 1/2 of the team, DJ Rafa Caivan, came through Chicago last year with the Zizek Records tour and I had the pleasure of spending a day showing him ’round the Chi.

They’ve got a new record out which features Mashit’s own MC Zulu on a couple of tracks, including a remix of “Ransom the Senator.” Here’s a teaser for ya:

Frikstailers “Baile Frick (Original Mix)” ->

And here’s what the label has to say:

Revolt Into Style is a new UK based label with an international outlook. Our aim is to release quality music
across genre and style, releasing work by the freshest producers and bands from Argentina’s electronica scene and new talent from Europe. Our working relationship with Latin American label Pino Rec is the foundation on which the business is built. We plan initially to focus attention on the talented producers and artists on the Pino Rec roster, and ultimately to nurture creative collaborations between European and Latin American artists.

On our debut release, the ‘Baile Frik EP’ the Frikstailers come very correct with the title track, a breakbeat baile funk bomb, before remixing Chicago’s MC Zulu to stunning effect; Truthfully is a reggaeton-cumbia-hip hop hybrid, while Ransom The Senator is a glitchy dancehall banger. Also present is an electro booty remix from Peter Digital Orchestra (who releases twisted bleeding-edge hip hop under his Fulgeance moniker.)

Baile Frik EP vinyl is available at Juno Records (

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