Post-Tour Recap

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been using Twitter to micro-blog during my mini-tour, but in case you missed that, here’s a recaDJ C Summer Mini-Tour ‘08p of my tour in the form of a tweet log.

  • with added commentary

09:38 AM July 18
DJ C tour kicks off tonight @ the Enormous Room in Cambridge @ Pan Am w. Baltimoroder (Heartthrob)

11:31 AM July 18
On the bus having a chat with a woman who migrated from Jamaica in ’68 about mili’s “my boy lollypop.”

06:46 PM July 18
Ah! Central square in the summer! Its good to be back.

  • Now with outdoor sidewalk seating at restaurants and bars! Talk with pan-handlers while sucking down some muscles in white wine garlic broth.

03:46 AM July 19
Enormous room is my fave club/lounge/bar in the world. Good peoples! Big up to baltimoroder for hosting and rockin’ the house.

Roller Derby in Providence04:54 PM July 19
Watching outdoor roller derby in providence.

  • Providence Vs. New Hampshire in NH’s first battle. Providence won. The main downtown plaza has an outdoor roller rink!

08:37 PM July 19
Most diverse crowd ever! Providence, RI.

  • infants to elderly, every color, gay and straight, poor and rich; literally, this was one of the largest cross sections of society I’ve every seen mingling together at the same event. This all while listening to bands/DJs and sipping on micro-brew beers.

Providenece Indie Arts Fest 0810:05 AM July 20
The Water’s on Fire! Party in the tunnel at Indie Arts Fest in Providence went off last night. Good sweaty fun!

  • I had a great time-slot at the fest, spinning in the tunnel just as the last Indie Arts Fest. band came off the main stage at one end of the tunnel, and the WaterFire fest. was kicking into high gear at the other. This made for a full tunnel of folks ready to get down, and that we did.

07:52 AM July 21
Ridiculous Requests Part 1: DJ is playing James Brown “Sex Machine”. Girl comes up and asks “do you have any ‘funk’?”

01:22 PM July 23
Ridiculous Requests Part 2: DJ is spinning. Entire crowd is dancing. Someone comes up and asks: “Do you have anything we can dance to?”

10:10 AM July 24
On the train from beantown to b’more.

  • The Amtrak corridor between NY and B’more is one huge cluster of post-industrial wasteland and ghetto. Philly’s in the middle there somewhere.

12:49 AM July 25
B’more clubbing and record shopping. Club playing cliche but fun ‘B’more club’ mashups. Shops having great old-school, heyday records.

  • Picked up a couple of classic, mid early/mid ’90s “B’more breaks” tracks.

11:12 AM July 25
Got called “Fall Out Boy” last night for wearing an outfit that didn’t fit with the neighborhood. Hadn’t thought of myself as “emo” before.

  • Dudes were trying to diss my white fedora, t-shirt with cassette tape print, skinny pants, and yellow and black adidas. They were probably right that a yellow shirt would have gone better with the shoes, but in the end they admitted that my outfit was actually “tight.”

11:18 AM July 25
It’s popin’ tonight: Loda party @ Gallery in Silver Spring, MD.

10:45 AM July 26
Chinatown bus from DC to NY. Had a blast last night in the (v)ally of boom. Big up 88DC!

  • The Gallery club in Silver Spring was quite awesome. 2 floors of indoor space and 2 floors of outdoor space including an upper patio and a lower ally in the back which is where I played. The ally had a sweet sound-system and a sweet summer breeze. DJ Tanc played some of my favorite tracks ever. David Fogel, who brought me in for this gig, produces 6 parties a month, runs 88 DC and Space 88 which “provides work space and a nurturing environment for entrepreneurs working in the creative, social and environmental industries at various rates depending on need.”

03:20 PM July 26
On a tour of scenic jersey city, where liberty looms over depression.

04:32 PM July 26
Hello Brooklyn!

06:02 PM July 26
Hipster hells angels! Oh, williamsberg!

  • They were on sporty bikes rather than Harleys but they were all wearing matching leather vests with some sort of print and logo on the back.

11:52 AM July 27
Supreme Trading is a great club. Big up to all those who came out last night. You know who you are (Maga Bo!). Also to the Totosantos crew!

12:48 PM July 27
Getting Venezuelan food in the east village.

  • Peach was a wonderful hostess and she brought me to this place called Caracas in the East Village for brunch. She used to work there and the other members of Todosantos still do.

02:21 PM July 27
Back on the road: NY to the Bean. Thanks to Pharoh and Peach Totosantos for taking good care of me.

10:58 PM July 27
Supreme Trading is a great club. Big up to all those who came out last night. You know who you are (Maga Bo!). Also to the Totosantos crew!

06:00 PM July 28
Tonight @ Beat Research is where it’s at. DJ C, DJ Flack, Wayne&Wax @ Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA. Be there and be in Central Square!

10:40 AM July 29
Enormous room was off the hook last night. So good to be back! Cheers to all the Monday night party animals!

11:40 AM July 29
Ridiculous Requests Part 3: DJ is spinning a bhangra tune. Someone walks up and says, “Do you have any Indian music?”

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