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Rainbow Video on Joystyxx Radio

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This Monday, Nov. 17 we’re having a very special guest on the Joystyxx Radio show to perform a live on-air set.

(Update: this weeks show will be preempted by a basketball game. We’ll welcome our regularly scheduled special guest on the show Monday, Dec 1.)

Rainbow Video makes bangin’ electo-club mashups and performs them live with his laptop/MIDI controllers. I haven’t seen his live show yet but I hear when it happens out in the club the tunes are accompanied by live video also comin’ straight outta said labptop. Dude’s got a fun music blog too.

Grab some Rainbow Video MPfrees @ Forever Awesome ->

Whats more, Chrissy Murderbot is back from his 3 month tour in Europe and Micada will be back in the house too. It’s a full on Joystyxx reunion!

Joystyxx Radio: Every other Monday evening from 8 to 10 pm we kick it old-school, new-school, and everything in between-school over the airwaves of Loyola University’s WLUW, 88.7 FM in Chicago and on the web at ->

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Video on Joystyxx Radio

  1. Dear Joystyxx
    I totally feel you on the Basketball game pre-emption. My radio program, THE FM EXPERIMENT, used to go through all of that years ago. I’ve since moved to a more secure, later time slot from 6-8pm CST.

    Podcasts here: — click PODCAST link

    Host: The FM Experiment
    Fargo, North Dakota

  2. Thanks for the comment, Joyride. This was particularly embarrassing because Rainbow was to be our first live-performance guest on the show, and unfortunately we weren’t informed about the preemption until the morning of. Oh well, such is the life of college radio I suppose. We’re working on rescheduling. I’m sure we’ll get RV on before long.

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