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Taste, Wot Iz It?

Billy Joel Glass Houses Album CoverI’ve had many conversations with friends about what we call “yeahrhh rock.” You know, the stuff that was sparked by the love-child of Eddie Vedder‘s and James Hetfield‘s vocal stylings?

I was reminded of these conversations after reading a hilarious article in Wired magazine about the music website Pandora. The question is weather Pandora can actually help someone with their bad taste. Here’s an exhertp:

I was 10 when I realized I had lousy taste in music. Billy Joel’s “An Innocent Man” was my gateway drug: I listened to it on infinite loop, in perfect contentment, for days. Later, in high school, I began huffing a deadly theater-nerd mix of piano-driven rock balladry, pseudo-political folk-pop, Danny Elfman soundtracks, and Enigma. College, the place where most people atone for the sonic sins of their youth, was a haze of Ben Folds Five and Dave Matthews Band. And things haven’t really improved since. Bad taste was less of a problem when our playlists were private affairs. Today, however, our personal soundtracks broadcast who we are, and it’s simply not acceptable to swan around with the Indigo Girls’ “Galileo,” Annie Lennox’s “Walking on Broken Glass,” or (God help me!) Billy Joel’s “Big Man on Mulberry Street” blazing across your iPhone screen. (One is ironic, two is quixotic, but try all three and you can hear the NSA giggling on the other end of the line.)

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Speaking of Annie Lennox’s “Walking on Broken Glass,” Have you heard Math Head‘s re-interpretation?

Download: Math Head “Broken Glass” (Zshare) ->

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  1. Turns out there’s a compilation with all the yeahrhh-rock tracks in one place. It’s called “Buzz Ballads”

    [youtube FOOEdMtydRw]

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