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Farewell, ’08. I’ll Miss Your Music

Well, here we are in 2009. The turn of the century is almost over. The Oh-Ohs have been too NAUGHTy. It’s time for change; Lets get some ones in our two thousands!

But that’s for next year. Right now I’d like to take a look back at last year. I was asked by the 88 Music Blog to submit one of those top 10 lists that everyone seems to do around the new year, and here’s what I cam up with:

DJ C’s Top 10 Tracks Most Dropped in a 2008 DJ Set
(in no particular order, with links to buy or find out more)

Speaking of DJ Elected (mentioned in the list above), he’s got a couple awesome new mashups out. Here’s one:

Modeselektor Vs. The Fugees “Ready or da Macca” ->

You can get the other one — Strategy Vs. Beyonce & Sean Paul “Strategy Bwoy” — at Elected’s Sirkus Recordings site ->

Notice a theme? That’s right, they’re both instrumentals from the Shockout catalog:

Sirkus Recordings Presents Shockout Mashups

Sirkus mashed up two favorite Shockout Beats and put some
easy lyrics on them. Dancefloor ready uhban digestive.

Happy new year folks. Here’s looking toward the teens!

3 thoughts on “Farewell, ’08. I’ll Miss Your Music

  1. this internet download the latest tunes in a day before link dissapears is to hard on the spirit. Send ya tunes to for genuine appreciation and listin lol, wicked top ten though jake…what a year, intense!! sibegg, mochipet, murderbot, cardousher, flack and dj c…big shifts and inspirational changes allround. Bring on all & new shitmat in 09

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