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New Release: DJ C “Jump Up & Bounce” / “Mad Again” 10-inch & Digital

New 10-inch vinyl/digital record from DJ C on the London-based West Norwood Cassette Library label.

FACT Magazine has given the record, and the label, a glowing review:

When your first release is something so self-defining and, well, excellent, it’s easy to get painted into a corner … where to go next, without making carbon copies or simply letting everyone down? [label producer, Bob] Bhamra finds a way out by releasing something else entirely; not only is WNCL 002 not composed of his own productions, but they’re full vocal tracks leaning towards ragga and dancehall which still somehow manage to incorporate the burgeoning WNCL aesthetic of rough, chunky sounds dryly rubbing and grinding into each other. Friction never sounded so appealing.

So 002 is a resounding success, helping to further define what might be called the WNCL sound, even through its differences … chunky percussion, sneaky basslines, and a restless energy that keeps the music from settling down into any complacent groove.

DJ C has also recorded a mix for London’s Resonance FM, Exotic Pylon show — timed to correspond with the release of the record.

The 10-inch is available from many fine retailers, including the following:

And you can grab the digital download version all over the internets from wonderful e-tailers like these:

Give a listen:

From the label:

2 fantastic Karnival smashers straight outta Chicago from the creator of the Boston Bounce, DJ C.”

Boomkat’s review:

Thick bashment-style thrusts from junglist DJ C on the second release from West Norwood Cassette Library records. ‘Jump Up And Bounce’ is a clarion call to the sweaty floors and dirty great speaker stacks everywhere, delivering a payload of gruff rolling bass topped with female ragga chat. Over on ‘Mad Again (Du Ting Mix)’ things get a bit more calamitous with a breakbeat midsection anchored with shuddering bass.”


A great, timeless classic

Loving the crunchy beats

This is going to be such a big release

This record is a banger

A giant eruption of jump-up ecstasy

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  1. Killer Jake can’t wait to get my hands on this one. We’re still playing plastic records over here, not moved on to “magic records” yet. Oh yeah– I will still get you that old skool dancehall mix…!

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