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Quantum Shifts

Sharon and Jake Present 33 Golden HitsIf you’re wondering why blog posts here at Mashit have been less-than-frequent recently, here’s a little background:

Over the last couple years my life has undergone some quantum shifts. For example, I’ve transitioned from full-time DJ, music-blogger/producer, to full-time Creative Director at an economic development organization. I also became a husband and a home-owner. These new roles are super-exciting, fun, and challenging, but alas, they’ve left me with less time to focus on all-things-music.

That said, I’d like to share 2 DJ mixes I’ve made in light of these events.

The more recent of the two I presented to my wife, Sharon at the first anniversary of our wedding. It’s a compilation of songs featuring female vocalists.

The mix was inspired by the Little Dragon song “Feather.” Their singer, Yukimi Nagano’s voice is so amazing that it inspired in my mind a chain reaction of other songs with incredible female singers:

MP3 Download
DJ C; Sirens for my Muse ->


The other mix, which I made exactly a year earlier, is a compilation containing some of Sharon’s and my favorite tunes. It was given out on CD as a gift to guests at our wedding:

MP3 Download
DJ C; Sharon & Jake Present 33 Golden Hits ->


Neither of these mixes focus on the usual Mashit fare of bass-heavy, electronic-dance-music. But stay tuned to this podcast. I’ve got one of those classic Mashit mixes already done and will post it here soon.

Track-lists after the break:

DJ C; Sirens for my Muse

  1. Alison Krauss; “Down To The River To Pray”
  2. Exillon (ft. Cat Power); “Moonshiner Remix”
  3. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss; “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us”
  4. Various; “Hater”
  5. Tracy Chapman; “The Promise”
  6. Massive Attack; “Teardrop”
  7. Lauryn Hill Featuring Carlos Santana; “To Zion”
  8. Handsome Boy Modeling School; “The Truth”
  9. Portishead; “Wandering Star”
  10. Cowboy Junkies; “Sweet Jane”
  11. Mazzy Star; “Blue Light”
  12. Little Dragon; “Feather”
  13. Throwing Muses; “Green”
  14. Milanese; “Caramel Cognac”
  15. The Breeders; “Drivin’ On 9”

DJ C; Sharon & Jake Present 33 Golden Hits

  1. The Wailers; “Mellow Mood”
  2. The Jamaicans; “Ba Ba Boom”
  3. Robert Plant and Allison Krauss; “Killing the Blues”
  4. The Congos; “Row Fisherman”
  5. Barrington Levy; “She’s Mine”
  6. Sean Paul; “Punkie”
  7. TLC; “Waterfalls”
  8. DJ Flack; “Honeymoon Breeze”
  9. Wendy Rene; “After Laughter Comes Tears”
  10. The Magnetic Fields; “Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing”
  11. Neutral Milk Hotel; “King of Carrot Flowers Part 1”
  12. Oscar Aleman; “Besame Mucho”
  13. Cab Calloway & His Orchestra; “Minnie The Moocher”
  14. Led Zepplin; “Ramble On”
  15. M.I.A.; “Galang Remix”
  16. Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band; “Express Yourself”
  17. Desmond Dekker; “007”
  18. Staple Singers; “I’ll Take You There”
  19. Oscar Aleman; “Caminos Cruzados (Malaguena)”
  20. Stevie Wonder; “Sugar”
  21. The Breeders; “Last Splash”
  22. Wilco; “Jesus, Etc.”
  23. Jamie Lidell; “Multiply”
  24. The Beatles; “Two of Us”
  25. Gnarls Barkley; “Crazy (Creezy Hype Heatwave Remix)”
  26. Mr. Scruff; “Get a Move On”
  27. Sufjan Stevens; “Chicago”
  28. Enur feat. Natasja; “Calabria”
  29. Balkan Beat Box; “Bulgarian Chicks (Featuring Vlada Tom)”
  30. Damian Marley; “All Night”
  31. DJ C (ft. Chris Isaak, The Supremes, Switch, & Stereotyp); “Set Me Free from this Wicked Game”
  32. Sam Cooke; “Sugar Dumpling”
  33. Hrvatski; “Gemini (Revision)”

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  1. Always looking for familiar music thats not too cheesy so my work-mates don’t think i’m too weird, some golden hits will do the trick…
    haha love the cover art

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