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DJ C in Portland, OR

Ragganaught FlyerRAGGANAUGHT!!!

Hitting you with the junglized dubstep, the
fire me up phatty, and rage it raggacore.

31 NW 1st ave,
Portland, OR
21+ // cheap drinks
music starts @ 10:30pm
tuesday 10-21-08
only $5

  • DJ C: Chicago-shockout/mashit records- raggacore/dubstep
  • Ryan Organ: pdx-aleutian/offshore recordings- dubstep/jungle
  • Senseone: pdx-frontline kingpins- jungle/raggacore
  • Penpointred: pdx-reactionary- breakcore/raggacore
  • Sarva: pdx-upful riddims-jungle

From the Portland Mercury


(Ohm, 31 NW 1st) DJ C got a couple of big breaks a few years ago. First, legendary BBC radio host John Peel named C’s Mashit Records label of the month, citing the ability of the first few releases to burn up just about any dance floor while mixing any and all genres. Shortly after that Diplo asked C to remix a track he was working on for M.I.A., which proceeded to completely explode, giving a boost to everyone involved. Aside from running and producing music for his own label, C has released tracks on Shockout, Ninja Tune, and Community Library. He appears in Portland for a special “Ragganaught” edition of Reactionary Tuesdays, a new breakcore and dubstep weekly at Ohm. Although DJ C makes it a point to represent a very wide variety of styles, expect a focus on jungle and ragga sounds this time around. – AVA

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