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DJ C in Time Out Chicago Photo by Christopher KontoesTime Out Chicago / Issue 183 : Aug 28-Sep 3, 2008
Fall Preview 2008 | Clubs
Vital man C

With an online label, global mashing mentality and futuristic dancehall album, DJ C’s got the sonic nutrition you need.

At the crossroads of the genre-blending, digital-remix and bouncing-bass-obsessed international DJ scene, DJ C and Mashit.com have a rep for pushing underground dance culture forward, both online and off. Radio One legend John Peel picked Mashit as his label of the month in October 2004 when the then-Boston-based producer was releasing tracks by DJ C and others with a jungle bent. More recently, DJ C, who relocated to the Chicago area from Boston a year ago, has turned the vinyl label into a download site, podcast and blog that serves as an outlet for his (and his friends’) mixes, mash-ups, original tracks–even full albums–that don’t tuck neatly into any genre. He’s a DJ expanding his curatorial role online and a Chicago producer of growing influence.

This fall, he’s issuing a free album of all his mash-ups–playful recombinations of everything from Usher and Kelly Clarkson to Southern club tracks–with the working title Mas Hits, plus an album featuring Venezuelan producers Cardopusher and Pacheko for Mashit. He’s also throwing the Bouncement party, which showcases global ghetto-tech, dubstep, bassline, grime, blog tracks and genre blends at Sonotheque on September 21 as part of the Chicago World Music Festival.

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