Ouch! “The System”

This track is so good it hurts: Music Video: Terry Lynn “The System” [youtube I9PAuzjcxGM&eurl] More info @ kingstonlogic.com and phreemusic.com MP3 Download: Terry Lynn “The System” -> [audio:https://archive.mashit.com/audio/System.mp3] This one’s pretty dope too: Music Video: Terry Lynn “Kingstonlogic” [youtube tMJGIrtLq7s]

DJ C “Mas Hits”

MP3 Download DJ C “Mas Hit” Mini-Mix -> Update: The “Mas Hits” album is out now. 16 tracks of massive mashups and ridiculous remixes -> It’s been just about a year since we re-launched Mashit.com as a blog, online shop, podcast, and all around place for fiends. Over that year Mashit boss DJ C has produced and released a whole…

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Hurricane Cake

3 years and 3 days ago John McCain and George W. Bush ate cake to celebrate McCain’s 69th birthday. At that very moment hurricane Katrina was bringing devastation to the gulf coast. Now it’s election season, and almost exactly 3 years later the Republican National Convention was due to begin today, but another monster hurricane has disrupted the plan. I…

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Schlachthofbronx: Bavarian Club Music

Schlachthofbronx; “Fatthing (dubstep rmx)” -> [audio:uhttps://archive.mashit.com/audio/Fatthing-dubstep-rmx.mp3] Yes, perhaps Chicago is on top of the world. We may have the next president of the United States; we may have the summer Omympics in 2016; we’ve got juke, Cool Kids, Kid Sister, Flosstradamus, Dude N Nem, and Willy Joy; we’ve got post-rockers like Tortoise, alt-rockers like Wilco, and rappers like Kanye West…

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Max Ulis in the Mix

Download: Max Ulis “max ulis 2008” Max Ulis brings it with some folks who happen to be causing huge basslines. This is a DJ Mix, not a track! [audio:https://archive.mashit.com/audio/max_ulis_2008.mp3] Tracklist:

R.I.P. K-Swift

I’m getting ready to head out to Baltimore tomorrow for a visit with my man Gregzinho (of Beat Diaspora fame) before my gig in Silver Spring, MD on Friday night. I normally couldn’t be around B’more without ruminating on that city’s club music which has been such an influence. Now I won’t be able to be there without thinking of…

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Beat Research Lab

I’ll be heading out for a little tour on the East Coast later this week which will eventually wind up at my old haunt, Beat Research at the Enormous Room in Cambridge, MA. Can’t wait to get back on the decks there with fellow riddim methodists DJ Flack and Wayne&Wax! For the past few years DJ Flack has been teaching…

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DJ C “B-Low” Mix

Download: DJ C; B-Low DJ Mix -> [audio:https://archive.mashit.com/audio/B-Low.mp3] More vibes comin’ atcha! This one’s a dubstep-centric mix I cooked up featuring BIG tunes by a bunch of friends, in addition to a few folks who’s paths I hope to cross one of these days. Check the links below for more info about the artists involved, including our pals from way…

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Since You’ve Been In This Club Again

MP3 Download: DJ C; Since You’ve Been In This Club (Dub Mix) -> [audio:https://archive.mashit.com/audio/Since_Youve_Been_In_This_Club_Dub_Mix.mp3] DJ C; Since You’ve Been In This Club (Kelly Clarkson Vocal Mix) -> [audio:https://archive.mashit.com/audio/Since_Youve_Been_In_This_Club_Kelly_Clarkson_Vocal_Mix.mp3] After I posted Since You’ve Been In This Club — my remix of Usher’s Love In This Club and Sasha Frere-Jones singing Kelly Clarkson’s Since You’ve Been Gone — I got a…

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DJ Intel “Bump Me Loud!” Mix

DJ Mix Download: DJ Intel Bump Me Loud! -> [audio:https://archive.mashit.com/audio/Bump_Me_Loud.mp3] Here’s another in our continuing series of summertime ’08 mixes to bump at your next sublime experience. I had been noticing DJ Intel‘s name on flyers all over Chicago recently, but hadn’t had a chance to hear what he was up to until we rocked a party together a few…

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