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Max Ulis in the Mix

Max Ulis in the MixDownload:
Max Ulis “max ulis 2008

Max Ulis brings it with some folks who happen to be causing huge basslines. This is a DJ Mix, not a track!



  1. Max Ulis ft. Self Evident; Dig Deep
  2. Max Ulis; Steppin Out
  3. Max Ulis; Listen Here
  4. DZ; Drop Top (Max Ulis Mix)
  5. Max Ulis; Terrorist
  6. Max Ulis; Soundkilla
  7. Max Ulis; Lighta! Tune (vox by Jornick)
  8. Max Ulis; Polizia
  9. Self Evident; One Love
  10. Max Ulis+Self Evident + Dubble Dutch; Ready 2 Die
  11. Taal Mala; 4 am Request
  12. Daega Sound, DPR; Pathway
  13. Max Ulis; The Stroke of a Pen
  14. Calamalka; B.L.
  15. Max Ulis; Kill Anotha Sound
  16. Blonde Redhead; Signs (Phowa Mix)
  17. Max Ulis + Self Evident; High Speed Hotbox
  18. Hexadecibel; Tasty Freez
  19. Spark; I Love You
  20. Jacob Cino + Ras Oney; Can’t Hold Me Down (Max Ulis Mix)

5 thoughts on “Max Ulis in the Mix

  1. here’s the track list

    dig deep-max ulis ft. self evident
    steppin out-max ulis
    listen here-max ulis
    drop top-DZ (max ulis mix)
    terrorist-max ulis
    soundkilla-max ulis
    lighta! tune-max ulis (vox by jornick)
    polizia-max ulis
    one love-self evident
    ready 2 die-max ulis+self evident+dubble dutch
    4 am request-taal mala
    pathway-daega sound-DPR
    the stroke of a pen-max ulis
    kill anotha sound-max ulis
    signs-blonde redhead (phowa mix)
    high speed hotbox-max ulis+self evident
    tasty freez-hexadecibel
    i love you-spark
    can’t hold me down-jacob cino+ras oney (max ulis mix)

  2. Yo Max,

    I musta been drunk when I posted this. Not ’cause it’s not a sick mix, but because I forgot to post the tracklist, and the player link was broken. Ug! I’m gonna remedy those things now.

    Thanks so much, man!


  3. Massive! This is killa mix! Heard it once, then found it out tonight just to listen some choones again 🙂 Maximum respect Max Ulis and all the featured artists.

    Bless up!

  4. It took me a year to realise how good that mix is. definitely top 10 if not top 5!
    if not top 2 🙂
    if not top one!

    thank you! keep sharing!

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