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DJ Intel “Bump Me Loud!” Mix

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DJ Intel

Here’s another in our continuing series of summertime ’08 mixes to bump at your next sublime experience.

I had been noticing DJ Intel‘s name on flyers all over Chicago recently, but hadn’t had a chance to hear what he was up to until we rocked a party together a few weeks ago. His set was so dope! This mix is also dope; kind of epic in fact! It’s not about beat-matching and blends per se, but instead about moods and magic:


The Headhunters; “Descent”
Skream; “Rutten”
Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought; “Raspberry Dub”
Protassov; “Home”
edIT; “Ltl”
Primus; “pMy Name Is Mud (Eskmo Edit)”
Dizzee Rascal & UGK; “Where Da G’s”
Nina Simone; “Funkier Than A Mosquitos Tweeter”
Diplo; “Summer’s Gonna Hurt You”
Rob Symeonn; “Chosen One (Zeb’s Stepper Mix)”
Maker; “Sandcastle”
Portishead; “Magic Doors”

4 thoughts on “DJ Intel “Bump Me Loud!” Mix

  1. just wanted to drop a quick thanks for posting this mix up – really enjoying it. it’s great to have dubstep in the mix with Nina Simone, etc. Dope mix that doesn’t get monotonous with the same tempo or bassline the whole time….

  2. There is already a dubstep remix of Nina Simone song by Ramadanman on the 2nd drop label. His version is called “Good Feeling.” Not sure what the original title is.

  3. For some reason, certain states or countries are known for having artists that are good at a certain type of music.

    Italy – Classical
    German – Heavy Metal
    Chicago – Dj type music. Seriously.

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