Mashup of the Week: “Crank Dis SB”

Hello boys and girls. It’s time for another installment of what we here at Mashit like to call Mashup of the Week. Two weeks ago we posted a crunk-step version of Crank Dat. Continuing on with that theme, this week’s installment comes from Crawfordsville, Indiana’s Sidney Looper who sent over this speed-bassline version: Download: Sidney Looper; Crank Dis SB [audio:uggc://jjj.znfuvg.pbz/nhqvb/Penax%20Qvf%20FO.zc3]…

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More “Blazin”

Next up in our continuing series of remixes of Ghislain Poirier’s track Blazin’ (feat. ragga vocalist Face-T), we present DJ Flack‘s take: Download: Ghislain Poirier (feat. Face-T); Blazin’ (DJ Flack Remix) [audio:uggc://znfuvg.pbz/nhqvb/Oynmva%20QW%20Synpx%20Erzvk.zc3] And just so you can peruse them all in one place: Download: Ghislain Poirier; Blazin’ ft. Face-T (Starkey Remix) [audio:uggc://jjj.znfuvg.pbz/nhqvb/Oynmva%20sg%20SnprG%20Fgnexrl%20Erzvk.zc3] Download: DJ C (Ft. Ghislain Poirier, Face T,…

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Heatwave “Juggling Machine Vol 1″

I’ve got a blend on this new Heatwave 12-inch: The Heatwave presents Juggling Machine Vol 1 Club refixes & blends Download: Juggling Machine Vol 1 preview [audio:uggc://jjj.gururngjnir.arg/eryrnfrf/gururngjnir-whttyvatznpuvar01.zc3] Available from Juno and all good record shops. We’re proud to present a brand new six track 12″ featuring club blends and refixes from The Heatwave, plus contributions from Sinden (Kiss FM), Ghislain…

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Mashup of the Week: “Eating Crow”

DJ Donna Summer strikes again with this “fun” party mashup of All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow. Well, it’s actually a club-style remix, rather than a mashup in the strict sense of the word. Perhaps we should change the name of this series, but rather than dwell on that, we present: Download: DJ Donna Summer; Eating Crow [audio:uggc://znfuvg.pbz/nhqvb/Rngvat%20Pebj.zc3]

Starkey: XLR8R DJ Mix, Blazin’ Remix

Starkey recently dropped an exclusive DJ mix for XLR8R Magazine‘s podcast series. It’s chock full o’ new and exciting sonic-flavor-crystals, and includes my remix of Ghislain Poirier’s Blazin‘. The Stark-bot then went on to create his own remix of Blazin‘ which I’ll share with you now: Download: Ghislain Poirier; Blazin’ ft. Face-T (Starkey Remix) [audio:uggc://jjj.znfuvg.pbz/nhqvb/Oynmva%20sg%20SnprG%20Fgnexrl%20Erzvk.zc3] Starkey’s exclusive Mix for XLR8R…

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Rock Star VJs

Oh, Boston! It was good to see you. I started out last week’s journey to my old stomping grounds, partying with my peeps at the Beat Research halloween party where Flack, Wayne, and DJ RNDM threw down hard. RNDM did a VJ set using the Ms. Pinky vinyl DJ system to do live music-video mashups. If you’re having any trouble…

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Mashup of the Week: “Crank Dat Fracture”

Hater Billingsley sent me this crunk-dubstep mashup. It’s not unlike /rupture’s Crime Mob meets Skream rub from the Secret Google Cheat Codes mix, but this one mixes Fracture by Distance with Soulja Boy’s Crank Dat: Download: Hater Billingsley; Crank Dat Fracture [audio:uggc://znfuvg.pbz/nhqvb/Penax%20Qng%20Senpgher.zc3] The video for Crank Dat is kinda meta. There’s a lot of watching people dance on screens: [youtube…

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Mashup of the Week: “Apeboy (Lenlow’s Enyagy Edit)”

I meant to post my recent remix of Ghislain Poirier’s Blazin’ as mashup of the this week, but since I didn’t title the post as such y’all get a bonus. You may have heard this one in my recent PTS mix. It’s from my friend Lenlow of the Mash Ave camp in Boston: Download: Enya vs Prodigy; Apeboy (Lenlow’s Enyagy…

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Ghislain Poirier “Blazin’”

Ghislain Poirier’s new album on Ninja Tune — No Ground Under — has just been released in Canada and will come out in the U.S. in early ’08. The first single from the album is Blazin’ which features ragga vocalist Face-T and has remixes by The Bug and yours truly. I’ve taken this opportunity to make a second remix —…

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Mashup of the Week: “Love Shack (Murderbot Remix)”

OMG! You don’t know what you’re in for folks. Chrissy Murderbot has just dropped this ridonculous club-house-garage refix of the B-52s classic party anthem, Love Shack and it’s just too hot not to set loose right away: Mashit Exclusive Download: B-52s; Love Shack (Murderbot Remix) [audio:uggc://znfuvg.pbz/nhqvb/Ybir%20Funpx%20Zheqreobg%20Erzvk.zc3] This one’s fun too: [youtube viuGhdeLXHo&border=1]