Mashup of the Week: “Pixie P”

While we’re on the Pasta Masta tip (see Pasta Masta Al Dente Vol. 1 DJ Mix) I thought I’d point y’all to his serotonin-inducing mashup of the Pixies Where Is My Mind with some killer vocals by U.K. toaster Rodney P: [audio:uggc://znfuvg.pbz/nhqvb/Cvkvr%20C%20sg%20Ebqarl%20C%20gur%20Cvkvrf.ZC3] Download: Pasta Masta; Pixie P (ft. Rodney P & the Pixies)

I’m So Hood

I am loving this tune TO DEATH lately, so I had to go and remix it. The rework is a ghettotech/juke style thingy–hope you enjoy it![audio:uggc://jjj.fyrnmrgbar.pbz/oybt/fb_ubbq(zheqreobg_erzvk).zc3] Download: DJ Khaled f. T-Pain, Trick Daddy, & Rick Ross – “I’m So Hood (Murderbot Remix)”

Mashup of the Week: “aBc More”

We’ve got More ABC for you. In case you didn’t notice, Wayne posted an MP3 of Raekwon and Ghostface rapping over the original Jackson 5 version as a comment on my ABC Traffic Jam mashup of the week. Continuing on with that theme I present to you my man Itch13’s (AKA Itchy Fingers) Baltimore Club influenced remix of said tune:…

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Mashup of the Week: “Ghost Woman”

This is more a remix than a mashup, ’cause you’ve most likely never heard the instrumental before. I did a remix for Jill Cunniff from Luscious Jackson a while back and it’s yet to be released (until today, see below). In the meantime I took some vocals from Shabba Ranks and E-40 and dropped them on top of the beat;…

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Rave! Rock! Disco!

Our friends over at Cock Rock Disco just hooked us up with some tasty new nuggets for your partying enjoyment. First there’s DJ Donnasummer’s raved-up, 4-on-the-floor remix of Salt N Peppa’s Push It: [audio:uggc://jjj.znfuvg.pbz/nhqvb/Chfu%20Vg%20-%20QW%20Qbaan%20Fhzzre%20ERZKV.zc3] Download: Push It; DJ Donna Summer REMXI Next up we present a track from the upcoming debut by Glowstyx on Cock Rock Disco; Class of 1992.…

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Trick Daddy vs. 2 Unlimited

I’m sorry. I’m terribly sorry. Mashit Exclusive: [audio:uggc://jjj.fyrnmrgbar.pbz/oybt/gevpx_qnqql_hayvzvgrq.zc3] Download: Trick Daddy vs. 2 Unlimited; Chrissy Murderbot Needs to Shut Up

Body Juke, Britney Work

The other day Murderbot asked me for the a-capella of Body Work; a track that Zulu and I made. I sent it his way and the next day he sent me back 2 remixes. They’re both hot! The first one is a mashup of Zulu’s vocals on top of Britney’s new (“It’s Britney, Bitch”) beat. Mashit Exclusive: [audio:uggc://jjj.znfuvg.pbz/nhqvb/Obql%20Jbex%20(Zheqreobgf%20Oevgal%20Jbex%20Ersvk).zc3] Download: DJ…

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M.I.A., “Boyz” Takes Some Flack

My man DJ Flack just dropped his new remix of M.I.A.’s Boyz on me and I’d like to share it with y’all. Mashit Exclusive: [audio:uggc://znfuvg.pbz/nhqvb/Oblm%20(QW%20Synpx%20Erzvk)%201.zc3] Download: M.I.A. Boyz (DJ Flack Remix) The album version on Boyz is a dope tune as well. In fact, it’s got quite a Boston-bounce to it. Give a listen to it here: [audio:uggc://znfuvg.pbz/nhqvb/Oblm.zc3#30] Then check…

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Mashup of the Week: “ABC Traffic Jam”

This one’s a remix of a remix. A friend of mine sent me Stephen Marley’s Traffic Jam Remix ft. Snoop Dawg (which is dope BTW and you can hear it on Stephen’s theirspace page), and he also graced me with the instrumental. Right away I knew I had to do something with it, and what a better combo than the…

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