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Mashup of the Week: “Apeboy (Lenlow’s Enyagy Edit)”

LenlowI meant to post my recent remix of Ghislain Poirier’s Blazin’ as mashup of the this week, but since I didn’t title the post as such y’all get a bonus.

You may have heard this one in my recent PTS mix. It’s from my friend Lenlow of the Mash Ave camp in Boston:

Download: Enya vs Prodigy; Apeboy (Lenlow’s Enyagy Edit)

8 thoughts on “Mashup of the Week: “Apeboy (Lenlow’s Enyagy Edit)”

  1. Yeah, this one’s actually been around a while, but I’ve been playing it lately so I thought I’d share it with y’all.

  2. it’s a great track but i want to find out who is this Apeboy. tried googling him but all i can find is youtube videos or sites like this that only post the song and nothing about the artist.

    where can i get some info about him ?

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