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Aceyalone ft. Zulu

Just want to give y’all a heads up that our boy Zulu has a guest spot on Aceyalone’s new album. You can peep the track on Zulu’s Myspace.

Here’s a video from the album featuring Chali 2Na & Bionik.

[myspacetv 18814836]

2 thoughts on “Aceyalone ft. Zulu

  1. What is this, a PSA? The sound is great, but the content seems so forced. Do these guys really have a conviction to oppose drug usage?

  2. Doesn’t seem to me that they’re opposing drug usage since they go “heavy on the green.” I think they’re referencing a tradition in reggae music, of songs that big up weed and put down other kinds of drugs: “I do not sniff the coke I only smoke sensimilla” for example.

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