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Mashup of the Week: “Love Shack (Murderbot Remix)”

B-52sOMG! You don’t know what you’re in for folks. Chrissy Murderbot has just dropped this ridonculous club-house-garage refix of the B-52s classic party anthem, Love Shack and it’s just too hot not to set loose right away:

Mashit Exclusive
B-52s; Love Shack (Murderbot Remix)

This one’s fun too:

[youtube viuGhdeLXHo&border=1]

3 thoughts on “Mashup of the Week: “Love Shack (Murderbot Remix)”

  1. The contact did not work, so i post it as a comment you can delete it then 🙂

    Hey DJ C, hey Flack, since i saw flack in australia i am always following your sound, downloading your mashups and buying your releases. thought it would be time giving something back. recorded a mashup set playing some of your tunes and lots of mashups and disco stuff !! might interest you ! 🙂 bit sloppy from time to time but i’m only djing for 2 years and just 2 1/2 months on turntables 🙂 hopefully the tracklist is interesting enough to give it a listen 🙂
    cheers Daniel
    KLOSELINE – Body Beat Armor
    01. Bonde Do Role – Melo Do Tabaco (Radioclit RMX)
    02. M.I.A. – Bucky Done Gun (Scotty B + King Tut’s Unruly Remix)
    03. DJ Edgar – Chumbo Quento
    04. DJ Edgar – Be Goes on
    05. Hollertronix – Okay Annie
    06. Tittsworth – September
    07. Hollertronix – Betty
    08. DJ C (Ft. The Jackson 5, Steven Marley, Naughty By Nature) – The ABC Traffic Jam (Armed With Harmony)
    09. Beck – Girl
    10. Dont Touch My Shit – Dont Touch My Shit
    11. LeftSide and Esco Vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Tell Me What You Saw (Diplo Mix)
    12. Scottie B & King Tut – Almighty Unruly Simon Joint
    13. Depeche Mode – Just Cant Get Enough (Dirty South Remix)
    14. M.I.A. – U.R.A.Q.T. (DJ C Mix)
    15. Hollertronix – D.A.N.C.E. Some More
    16. Sinden And Count Of Monte Cris – beeper
    17. herve n yo majesty – get low club action scattermish timid fuckup edit
    18. M.I.A – Paperplanes Instrumental

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