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‘Ruff In The Bunny Fizness’ Out Now!

Hey everybody! As of this week I’ve got a new DIGITAL RELEASE (what a crazy new world in which we live!). It’s called “Ruff in the Bunny Fizness”, and it’s a collection of a bunch of my past jungle work re-mastered, re-EQed, re-mixed, etc. (with really cute art from Magda Boreysza). It’s Dead Homies’s first digital-only release (let’s see how that all goes), and it’s currently available from iTunes, AudioLunchbox,, Napster, Ruckus, Snocap, and a bunch of other services (check the Dead Homies site for a complete list).

Here’s one of the aforementioned remixed/unreleased cuts–I’ve been playing it on dub for a while but it’s just now available to the public (but still go buy the release, okie dokie?)


Download: Chrissy Murderbot; Fi You VIP

4 thoughts on “‘Ruff In The Bunny Fizness’ Out Now!

  1. dude, why in gods name would you bring out an ep of ya tunes and its digital only release? u kidding me? so how the hell do us “DJS” get some?
    damn i fuckin hate mp3’s….
    really dissapointed, i really like ya music as well.

  2. Hunting was done a long time ago 🙂 Paying more shipping costs than the net cost of the vinyls was how i had to get lots of rare tracks.
    Cummon tho dude… Inferno VIP?!!? The original is on a vinyl that took me time to get in my collection… bloodclot for the sake of bloodclot? what vinyl that on? You could at least release dem two for us 😉
    I think it’s just me bein picky, i have all the vinyl releases of a few of my fave artists and i kinda pride myself on it…

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