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‘Ruff In The Bunny Fizness’ Out Now!

Hey everybody! As of this week I’ve got a new DIGITAL RELEASE (what a crazy new world in which we live!). It’s called “Ruff in the Bunny Fizness”, and it’s a collection of a bunch of my past jungle work re-mastered, re-EQed, re-mixed, etc. (with really cute art from Magda Boreysza). It’s Dead Homies’s first digital-only release (let’s see how that all goes), and it’s currently available from iTunes, AudioLunchbox,, Napster, Ruckus, Snocap, and a bunch of other services (check the Dead Homies site for a complete list).

Here’s one of the aforementioned remixed/unreleased cuts–I’ve been playing it on dub for a while but it’s just now available to the public (but still go buy the release, okie dokie?)


Download: Chrissy Murderbot; Fi You VIP

4 thoughts on “‘Ruff In The Bunny Fizness’ Out Now!

  1. dude, why in gods name would you bring out an ep of ya tunes and its digital only release? u kidding me? so how the hell do us “DJS” get some?
    damn i fuckin hate mp3’s….
    really dissapointed, i really like ya music as well.

  2. A lot of this stuff (most of this stuff) has already come out on vinyl–go hunt down the 12″s!!!

    this release is more for mp3 DJs and people who may have missed out on the 12″s or might not buy vinyl in the first place. If you are staying true to wax (and god bless you, sir), then go buy the wax! and has a list of locations that carry my stuff.

  3. Hunting was done a long time ago 🙂 Paying more shipping costs than the net cost of the vinyls was how i had to get lots of rare tracks.
    Cummon tho dude… Inferno VIP?!!? The original is on a vinyl that took me time to get in my collection… bloodclot for the sake of bloodclot? what vinyl that on? You could at least release dem two for us 😉
    I think it’s just me bein picky, i have all the vinyl releases of a few of my fave artists and i kinda pride myself on it…

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