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Track of the Week: Steak House Bodywork Bassline Mashup

In keeping with our last Track of the Week we bring you anotherGods and Robots Sketch by Jeekoos bassline-house mashup, this time by Bristol, UK-based Steak House crew.

This is also a teaser of sorts for the upcoming DJ C & Zulu Gods & Robots mixtape which will feature an original Atki2 (of Steak House) production with Zulu.

A couple months back we posted a bunch of Zulu’s a capellas here and challenged folks to “download – remix – upload.” Many of the wicked tunes that we got back will be featured on the upcoming Gods and Robots Mixtape; a 31-track, 1-hour continuos DJ C mix of Zulu’s vocals backed by hype party tracks from producers the world over (Argentina, Belgium, Canada, England, Israel, Portugal, and cities across the U.S. are all represented). Guest vocal appearances by Los Angeles rappers Aceyalone and Jah Orah, plus Tel Aviv singer Onili, round out the productions by artists like Montreal’s Ghislain Poirier, Brooklyn’s David Last, Tel Aviv’s Sabbo, and many others. The mixtape will be followed by a Gods and Robots EP, but more on that later.

Gods and Robots Sketch by Jeekoos and Michelangelo
Gods and Robots Sketch by Jeekoos and Michelangelo

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Zulu vs. T2; Bodybroken (Steak House Mashup)

5 thoughts on “Track of the Week: Steak House Bodywork Bassline Mashup

  1. This tune is awesome.

    Was out at a club in Bristol where Dub Boy (also from Steak House) was playing the night after they finished it, think it got dropped 5 times that night!

    I’ve been cheekily slipping it into my sets ever since.

  2. Yep, that night was stupid and its been slewing dancefloors in Bristol ever since. Still gets me skanking harder than any tune Ive heard since!

  3. WTF?! You replaced Adam with a robot in the picture on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. wow. why?!

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