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Zulu A Capellas: Download – Remix – Upload

Alright folks. If you’ve been working on remixes of the Zulu a capellas and you want to send them in to us for possible inclusion on the upcoming DJ C & Zulu mixtape, Gods and Robots, You’ve got till the end of this week.

Here’s the original post:

Zulu is one bad-ass vocalist. That’s why producers and DJs are always asking for his vocal tracksZulu w. Air Horn. Well, y’all are in for a treat. Zulu has generously offered up not one or two, but an entire album worth of a capellas for free download.

Here’s what we want you to do. Download – Remix – Upload: Take the vocals, produce your own track with them, then upload your finished product using MediaFire or a similar file-hosting service, and contact us with a download link so we can listen to it. A team from the Mashit camp — including Zulu himself — will compile our favorite tracks to be released as a Mashit ablum.

Please have your tracks submitted to us by February 15th.

The Vocals — Listen/Download:

  1. Ransom The Senator
  2. Ambassadors
  3. Spread The Word
  4. Animal Attraction
  5. Spanish Fly
  6. Body Work
  7. Fire Starter
  8. Turn On The Red Light
  9. Sacrament (Blaze Up)
  10. Truthfully…
  11. Call The Specialist
  12. VibesLoveMusic
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13 thoughts on “Zulu A Capellas: Download – Remix – Upload

  1. props to zulu for embracing an enlightened model of musical exchange. here’s hoping he’s rewarded with some banging remixes and some more support for his hard work.

    props also for being a badass vocalist —

  2. The link to “Ransom the Senator” was broken but has been fixed. Otherwise you should be able to right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac) and be able to save the linked files.

  3. It’s due to a server overload. Apparently these have been quit popular. We’re working on getting the links back up shortly. Thanks for your patience.

  4. Yes yes yes!
    I previously paid for an acapella when buying a tune from the mashit shop and hoped to be able to get more of them… You guys rule!


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