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In our ongoing quest to expand our media empire we’ve updated our Video page to include channels like Baltimore, Classic Jungle, Creative Commons, Dubstep, Juke, Mashup, Psychedelic, and more. You can now waste hours channel-surfing MashitTube rather than those other, less interesting media outlets.

In further celebration of Jungle’s 15th birthday, Here’s the Classic Jungle channel. Check out the 2 part documentary on early jungle called A London Something.


Mashit MerchandiseWe’d also like to point you to the MashitMerch shop. If you need a sweatshirt, a thong, a wall clock, or a lunch box, and at the same time would like to help support Mashit ClockMashit’s brand of super-sonic sound, extreme genre-blends, downloadable dubplates, and bounce-mixology, you’ve found just the place to feed two birds with one scone ->