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Happy 15th Birthday, Jungle

Jungle PartyI was just checkin’ out this site called Golden Era Jungle and realized that this year marks the 15th birthday of Jungle. There are a whole bunch of 1993 mixes by DJs like Krome & Time, Remarc, and the one below by Dr. S Gachet.

In Gashet’s 1993 mix you can still hear a lot of early hardcore rave music influence but much of the jungle sound is already there. I’ve also linked to a 1995 mix by Gachet. That was my favorite year for jungle. A mere 2 years after its inception it had developed into a mature and utterly slammin’ sound that I’m still in love with.

Dr. S Gachet @ Edge #3 Side A – 1993
Tracklist & Download @ Golden Era Jungle ->

2 years later:

Dr. S Gachet @ Jungle Mania – 1995
Tracklist & Download
@ Golden Era Jungle ->

10 thoughts on “Happy 15th Birthday, Jungle

  1. Was just rockin’ out last week to a 96-era jungle set by Kid K and it hit me again how long this music has been around. Dr S. Gachet made the first jungle mix CD I ever bought!

  2. It’s when ya realise that some of the kids out raving today were 2 at the time that you feel reeeeeaallly old 😀

    Big ups to all the old b*st*rd crew gettin nostalgia rush to names like AWOL, Telepathy, Orange, Dreamscape, fanazia, slammin vinyl…

    Of course some of the purists will argue it all started back in 91 with We R IE *runs for cover*

  3. Wow! I was only 9 when Jungle was born but I have fallen in lurve wit it. I cant explain how much I love the Jungle sound. Smoke a phat one for Jungles 15th b’day. Bigups to all the Junglist Souljahs keeping the Jungle alive!!!! Long live Jungle!!!

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  5. GEJ is the muthafuckin shit!!! Come visit, you will never leave!!!

    You don’t know where youre going, Until you know where youve come from!!!


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