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Roots Wreck Remix

Originally released at the turn of the century, Roots Wreck Remix was my sophomore full-length album recorded under the name Electro Organic Sound System (EOSS). It was the follow-up to my 1996 album, Herbanism which was re-released here in digital format here a couple weeks ago.

Like Herbanism, Roots Wreck Remix has been out of print for years, but today it’s available for the first time in digital download format from Amazon MP3, iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster and other fine online outlets.

On this album, recorded during the late ’90s, I was messing around with ambient-dub, jungle, hip-hop, dancehall and other styles. At the time I called it “wreck-step” which seemed to be an apt description of some of the frenetic beats woven through parts of the album. It mashed genres and styles together, tweaked and recomposed into something eclectic and strange.

Here’s what some of the critics had to say at the time:

Roots Wreck Remix” is “fibrous Jungle and post-Orb dub overlaid with grainy electronics.” – The WIRE Magazine

EOSS is “ground-breaking musical experimentation.” – The Boston Globe

This delightfully hard grinding album, textured with ambient and atmospheric sounds, escapes all genres by pulling pieces from every corner of the underground music scene.” – Deeper Magazine

Up next in this digital download series is a re-release of DJ C’s Sonic Weapons album, followed by a brand new DJ C album called Umami. Stay tuned…

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