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SSION News: New CD, 12″, & Tour Dates!

Ok, here’s a big post–I’ll try to start at the beginning. I’ve started a new label (a sister label to Dead Homies), called Sleazetone Records, specializing in all the kinds of music that you’d assume a label called “Sleazetone Records” would trade in. The first releases are a CD & 12″ by a group called Ssion–they’re a Kansas City-based art collective fronted by Cody Critcheloe (graphic designer for Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Scream Club, & others). They’ve toured with YYYs, the Faint, Black Dice, & Liars, and they sound kind of like the Pet Shop Boys meet the Dead Kennedys meet Hakan Lidbo.

I’m really not the first person to write about these guys (they’ve been getting a lot of blog buzz lately–see Better Propaganda, Big Stereo, Fluxblog, Gorilla vs. Bear, Imageyenation, Missing Toof, Music For Robots, Palms Out Sounds, Paper Thin Walls, Pitchfork, Pop Tarts Suck Toasted, RCRD LBL, Slutty Fringe, Stereogum, Pitch Weekly,, Pensatos, XLR8R, and forthcoming reviews in Ghetto Blaster, Vice, & Urb), so I’ll skip the press talk–suffice it to say that I feel REALLY strongly about these guys (otherwise why would I have signed them?)–like, I think this new CD is literally one of the best things I’ve heard in years and I’m thrilled to be involved with it.

Anyway, here’s the news, with a few free mp3s for good measure:

THE CD: “Fools Gold” available Feb 12!
1. “Clown” (Download)
2. “Bullshit”
3. “Street Jizz” (video)
4. “Fear Us”
5. “The Woman”
6. “Dayjob”
7. “Warm Glove”
8. “Wolves Eye”
9. “Ah Ma”
10. “Heaven” (Download)

THE 12″: “Clown (Remixes)” available Feb 12!
A1: Single Mix
A2: Glass Candy Remix
A3: MOVES!!! Remix (Download)
B1: Noiss Remix
B2: Chrissy Murderbot Remix
B3: DJ C Remix
ONLINE BONUS TRACKS (available on Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, etc.)
1. Glass Candy Alternate Mix (Download)
2. Glass Candy Instrumental
3. Chrissy Murderbot Vocal Dub

Jan 30: Southgate House, Newport, KY (w/ Eat Sugar)
Feb 1: Ruff Club @ The Annex, NYC (w/ Joost Van Bellen & Misty Rabbit)
Feb 2: Metro Gallery, Baltimore (w/ Chrissy Murderbot & Screwbus)
Feb 3: some leather bar in Detroit (w/ Chrissy Murderbot)
Feb 5: Outdanced! @ Funky Buddha Lounge, Chicago (w/ Chrissy Murderbot)

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  1. SSION fucking rocks. I saw them open for Tilly and the Wall in Milwaukee, and they were awesome. The new album is really good and is truly different than a lot of stuff out there right now.

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