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Two New Mashups: Starkey vs. Missy/Ginuwine

Hi all, sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to writing on here…things have been super-busy. I’ll be on more often in the near future–promise!

Anyway, today we have two new mashup’s of Starkey’s “Corner Store” feat. Xploder (get the original here). This first one is Corner Store + Ginuwine’s “Pony”:

Download: Starkey vs. Ginuwine; Pony Store (M’Bot Blend)

I played it for Starkey, and he’s like “hey, I’ve got a Corner Store blend myself…” So now I present Corner Store + Missy Elliott’s “Lick Shots”:

Download: Starkey vs. Missy Elliott; Corner Store/Lick Shot (Starkey Blend)

8 thoughts on “Two New Mashups: Starkey vs. Missy/Ginuwine

  1. this missy blend is with the original mix of the tune…. so ur getting the raw version before any of the fine tuning. haha. nice one murderbot for the ginuwine blend.

  2. the compression on the missy blend sounds a little different than the full release of corner store, but it’s still super-hot…I’d not have known it was a working draft unless you’d told me!

  3. Curiously enough I recently made a little blend of a Starkey tune using those Zulu acapellas…it’s got a slight squirrely-ness to it…I’ve posted it on MediaFire for those interested.

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