This Week in Grindin’: Dizzee Rascal, Bun B, and IL plate #115 0430

First up, for all who haven’t seen this: Google Maps Drug Deal! Right here in beautiful Chicago, Illinois. There’s a license plate number and everything. Here’s a screen shot, for when Google eventually gets this removed. There are all sorts of webbernets nerds buzzing about this pic and how it relates to our PRIVACY and PERSONAL FREEDOM and OMGZ GOOGLE…

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Ssion; “Ah Ma” Video on Pitchfork!

I know, I know, I can’t stop writing about these guys, but they’re MY BABY! (read: my conflict of interest.) They’ve got a brand spankin’ new video that just debuted on p-fork, and I think it’s pretty great. Here’s the Pitchfork link, but I’ll go ahead and embed the video here too: [youtube Q7zRSdk6u2E]

Cumbia De Obama

/rupture scooped this one. Our old friend and comrade in Toneburst, Rafi B and his band Fosforo drops what I assume is the first cumbia campaign song for Obama. [youtube reBk_vc0EC8] MP3 download and lyrics ->

The Cool Kids (ba)Rock

I like the Cool Kids and I like Barack Obama so I really like this picture (from Gorilla Vs. Bear). Watch Cool Kids Black Mags video: [youtube b34U3-CutuU]

Watch MashitTube, Buy MashitMerch

MashitTube In our ongoing quest to expand our media empire we’ve updated our Video page to include channels like Baltimore, Classic Jungle, Creative Commons, Dubstep, Juke, Mashup, Psychedelic, and more. You can now waste hours channel-surfing MashitTube rather than those other, less interesting media outlets. In further celebration of Jungle’s 15th birthday, Here’s the Classic Jungle channel. Check out the…

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New Heat from Starkey

Pop It Off Boyz; Crank Dat Batman (Starkey Adam West Mix) [youtube js-NXoXZOv4]


What would Snoop Dogg do? [youtube do0H4wFq1NA]

Mashup of the Week: “Get Your Bomb On”

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out Refusenik’s Kold Krussian DJ mix that we posted a couple weeks back. If so, you may have noticed that there are some original Refusinik rubs in the mix. One of our faves is this mashup of the Argentine cumbia band Los Palmeras‘ song Bombon Asesino with Missy Elliott’s Get Your Freak On.…

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Watch My V-Mix

Watch My Feet video remix. It’s cold up in this muf… [youtube crOIj_xg7aE&border=1]

Genre Blends

Prancehall interview with Toddla T: You sound like someone who is trying to make dancehall/techno/garage/house/hip-hop all at once within the same track without coming across like those dicks who make stuff like Baltimore bootlegs of kuduro tracks with an Akon acappella and a Daft Punk sample hook, and describe their tastes as “eclectic”. Tell me about that.