I’m So Hood

I am loving this tune TO DEATH lately, so I had to go and remix it. The rework is a ghettotech/juke style thingy–hope you enjoy it![audio:uggc://jjj.fyrnmrgbar.pbz/oybt/fb_ubbq(zheqreobg_erzvk).zc3] Download: DJ Khaled f. T-Pain, Trick Daddy, & Rick Ross – “I’m So Hood (Murderbot Remix)”


Here’s a video my KC homie Cody Critcheloe (of Ssion fame) made for a tune he & I have been working on. Expect the new Ssion album, Fool’s Gold, and the Critcheloe / Murderbot collab LP sometime in 2008…

Totally Paper Rad Dood!

Ben Jones was my roommate. I’m proud to say that ’cause I’m a huge fan of his work. Back when we were at MassArt together he would show his Alfe videos inter-spliced with bits of lo-fi, computer generated psychedelia. There was always something mind-blowing, disturbing, and hilarious about his stuff. We collaborated on the Toneburst parties a bit but not…

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Robots & Donuts

Eric Joyner paints Robots. And Donuts. Together. It’s pretty grand. Go look at his website for a good sampling of his work. http://www.ericjoyner.com

Boston, Art is not Terror

Wow! I can’t believe this is happening again. Another artist/student has been arrested in Boston. This time just for wearing a piece of circuit-board-art she made. While it was probably not the best idea to walk into Logan airport with the circuit board mounted to her chest, it’s also sad that we live in a society that’s so up it’s…

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Dakar Bounce

Maga Bo made this great mini-documentary/interview with Senegalese rappers Xuman and Keyti. These guys speak articulately and positely about the globalization of hip-hop, and the cross-breeding of musical influences from around the world. Now with internet, the world is like an international village… I can know what’s going on in Brazil today… I can know what’s happening in China; I…

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South Rakkas On Fire

I came across this promo MP3 of South Rakkas upcoming album on Mad Decent. It’s obviously gonna be fire! These guys have been producing blazin’ dancehall riddims for a minute, and I’ve always been attracted to the stuff ’cause it seems to be influenced by sounds that aren’t part of the standard Jamaican palette (not that there really ever is…

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DUDE N NEM FLOSSTRADAMUS WILLY JOY THUNDER HORSE Tonight: Wed, Sept 12th @ SUB-T / ONLY 5 BUX! “Metal Head Flyer” by Thunder Horse


DJ Donnasummer (AKA Jason Forrest) just brought this Belgian/Dutch style of music to my attention via his sick Jump Set DJ mix. Apparently Jumpstyle has been around for a while, but it’s now beginning to spread across Europe. There are plenty of videos of the jumpstyle dance on YouTube. For example: Here’s what Jason had to say about the mix:…

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