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Boston, Art is not Terror

Star Simpson Media BarrageWow! I can’t believe this is happening again. Another artist/student has been arrested in Boston. This time just for wearing a piece of circuit-board-art she made.

While it was probably not the best idea to walk into Logan airport with the circuit board mounted to her chest, it’s also sad that we live in a society that’s so up it’s own ass and frightened, that kids can’t be kids. Bummer!

Do a search for this story at Google and almost every headline contains the words “fake bomb.” After reading a few of the articles I’ve come to the conclusion that it wasn’t a fake bomb but a piece of wearable-art. Apparently the journalists haven’t drawn the same conclusion. Guess it wouldn’t sell news if the headline was “M.I.T. Student Arrested at Gunpoint for Wearable-Art.” “Fake Bomb” stirs more emotion.

An article at the M.I.T. newspaper’s website is the only one that I found with a proper headline.

Well, Star Simpson will be put through the mill now, but if our friend Peter Berdovski’s experience post-Moonibomber scare is any indication, she may also become an underground super-star.

Update: Great article at Boingboing