Rickrollin’ With Obama

Let me begin by saying that I’m not trying to make Obama look bad here, in fact I hope with every fiber of my body that he becomes our next president, but I want to share with you an observation I made recently. I was watching the video for Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up on YouTube (I don’t…

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Since You’ve Been In This Club

DJ C; Since You’ve Been In This Club* -> [audio:https://archive.mashit.com/audio/Since_Youve_Been_In_This_Club.mp3] Wayne pointed out this article by Sasha Frere-Jones on The New Yorker site about Auto Tune. It’s the software that makes singers on many of todays pop songs sound inhuman. It’s purpose is to artificially correct the pitch of sung notes, but when tweaks are made to the settings other-worldly…

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More Vinyl

I started writing this as a comment on the last post about the death of the turntable, but it got too long. There are lots of great comments on that post already too. A friend just forwarded this article about the vinyl comeback from Boston.com. It’s worth a read. Apparently vinyl and turntable sales are sky rocketing compared to CD…

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Turntables No More

What is the future of the DJ turntable? Most of my colleagues and I use tools like Serato Scratch Live when we DJ, allowing us to bring huge libraries of music to the party without hauling heavy crates of vinyl. We’re still using turntables ’cause they’re what we learned on, so we’re comfortable with them, but it seems to me…

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Chicago’s Crack Down on Event Promoters

It’s come to our attention that late last week the Chicago City Council rammed through a new “Promoter’s Ordinance” aimed at small-time / “underground” event promoters. According to the Save Chicago Culture blog: Imagine a Chicago where local music is only heard in the suburbs and theater is limited to Wicked and Jersey Boys. Scary thoughts. But if the City…

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History of the Future

Thnk ahead just 50 years, perhaps, to the day when everyone will appreciate the nuances of electronic music” … dreaming of a future sound-scape of London” -What The Future Sounded Like Electronic music pioneers in the mid 20th century invented the tools that are now so ubiquitous that they have a profound effect on the sound pop music today. This…

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Poll: Wot U Call It?

Since writing that last post about lazer-bass it’s become clear that there are a number of names being tossed around for the emerging genre of dancehall, hip-hop, club influenced, gritty-BASS infused dance music. Here’s the question we pose to you. What u call it? [poll=3]


This post is inspired by a step-steeped day I had recently. While I was getting ready to head out for a night of dubSTEP with Caspa at Bass Goes Boom I was listening to the radio and learned that there’s a dance style called Chicago STEPping. From Wikipedia: Chicago stepping is a name given to a dance that has evolved…

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Lets Talk About Pop, Baby

You’re about to be guided though a strand in the time-line of pop music that I’ve been pondering lately. Lets begin here: Robin S.; Show Me Love [youtube Ps2Jc28tQrw] This was a #5 hit, and a #1 dance hit in the U.S. in 1993. Is it just me, or is she a little flat on some of those notes? That’s…

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“Blazin'” Video + Free Remixes

New video for Ghislain Poirier’s Blazin’: [youtube s_ztSjuToWs] Free Blazin’ remix MP3s DJ C’s Blazin’ Hurts remix -> Starkey’s remix -> DJ Flack’s remix ->