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Rickrollin’ With Obama

Let me begin by saying that I’m not trying to make Obama look bad here, in fact I hope with every fiber of my body that he becomes our next president, but I want to share with you an observation I made recently.

I was watching the video for Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up on YouTube (I don’t know, I think I got Rickrolled) and I noticed that the way he was dancing looked familiar, and then I realized; Obama dances like Rick Astley!

Just check out that arm shake in the beginning of this video:

And then in this one. In fact watch them together:

[youtube RsWpvkLCvu4]

3 thoughts on “Rickrollin’ With Obama

  1. i’m pretty persuaded by your analysis. that ellen video is actually kinda awesome. sure, it’s pretty cheesy dancing, but obama looks utterly comfortable in his own body, and i’m sure he can cut a rug better than that.

    but THIS is the obama video everybody’s talking about —

  2. hey man, the dis is fair enough, but if you really want to see obama shake his booty, you must check this fosforo video out:

    plus it’s fosforo, right? as in scuzzy’s current group? as in rafi?

    just a plug. check it out.

    hugs and kisses

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