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New DJ C Album, Umami: Free Downloads

DJ C’s new album Umami comes out May 31. Between now and the end of the month we’re going to give out each of the 17 tracks on the album for free, but each download will only be available for one day. Follow Mashit on Twitter to find out how to get each day’s download. In the meantime, give Umami a listen here:

DJ C – Umami

Party scientist & beat producer DJ C is known far & wide for his Boston-bounce sound, but he’s now called Chicago his home for the past 4 years and the influence of that historical home of house music, those fertile fields of footwork & juke, that booming base of booming bass, has seeped stealthily into his subconscious. Add this new layer to DJ C’s eclectic signature sound and this album equals an irresistibly fresh sonic flavor. From dubstep & club bangers to ravey dancehall anthems; from balkan to bhangara to baile, DJ C mashes it all into the deliciously varied and delectably danceable Umami.

4 thoughts on “New DJ C Album, Umami: Free Downloads

  1. Hey mister C,

    I love your stuff and the idea of giving away free tracks to your fans BUT I have to say the application you use for this s*cks !

    Basically when you login to download the track they ask you the permission for :
    – read your tweets
    – watch your newsfeed
    – update your profile (gosh !)
    – send tweets in your name (!!!)

    Really SoundCloud has moved to the dark side of the Force.



  2. Hey oDDsKooL,

    Glad you like the tracks!

    I’m sorry you find SocialUnlock invasive. As I understand it, the app requires permission to update your profile so that it can post a tweet to help spread the word about the free track. They won’t update your profile otherwise. And of course you want the app to send tweets in your name. You wouldn’t want to send tweets under someone else’s name. If they were to overstep these lines I would agree with you that they’re acting in an un-ethical way, but I haven’t seen any evidence of that.

    SocialUnlock is using Twitter’s API in order to allow you to tweet from within the app. Hundreds of other apps do this — Groupon, photo sharing apps, etc. By asking for the permissions above, SocialUnlock is simply making an effort to be transparent.

    That said, I understand that you may not want to use the app, so if there’s a fee track we’re offering on any given day, just send us an email and we’ll send you the track.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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