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DJ C Live in Milwaukee DJ Mix

DJ C Live in Milwaukee Pic by Jeekoos
Photo by Jeekoos

Last month I DJed the Sublow Bounce party in Milwaukee. It was a blast and the kind folks who put it together also recorded my set. I’m not sure weather I should be happy about that or not ’cause it features drunken mixing and Serato glitching when folks were jumping up and down on the wood floors of the barn-like club. The fact that folks were jumping though suggests that in their drunken state they thought the mix was good. The moral of the story is get drunk and listen to this mix.

DJ C Live in Milwaukee @ Sublow Bounce 3/14/08

  1. Ghislain Poirier; Justin Timberlake (ft. Betty Bonifassi)
  2. DJ C; Hardcore Tonight Riddim
  3. DJ C & Zulu; Exhibition Virtue (Hardcore Tonight Remix)
  4. M.I.A.; U.R.A.Q.T. (DJ C Mix)
  5. Pretty Titty; Sweet Dreams Edit (ft. Dizzee Rascal)
  6. Stereotyp feat. Joice Muniz; Jece Valadao (Instrumental)
  7. Christina Aguilera; Aint No Other Man (Blaerg Oral Fistfuck Remix)
  8. Disrupt; Bauhelm Dub
  9. Herve; Rocky Raver
  10. Sunship ft. Warrior Queen; Almighty Father
  11. DJ C; Juce (Instrumental)
  12. DuoTone; Dread Bounce
  13. Cardopusher; PAO! Total Xplosion of the Heart (Cardopusher rmx)
  14. DJ C & Zulu; Body Work
  15. DJ Donna Summer; Sweet Assed Child O Mine
  16. Twista; Celebrity (Woodside Remix)
  17. Michael Jackson; Bad Treck
  18. Starke; Dementia
  19. Trim; Wot (Part 2) (Featuring Frisco)
  20. Richie Spice; Burning (Coki Remix)
  21. DJ Scotch Egg; Aaron Spectre’s Scotch Acid Remix
  22. Exillon; Moonshiner Remix
  23. Pop It Off Boys; Crank Dat Batman (Starkey Adam West Mix)
  24. Sosolimited; Biggee Grinds My Gears
  25. A1 Bassline; Somebody
  26. B-52s; Love Shack (Murderbot Remix)
  27. Schlachthofbronx; Ward Dely
  28. Shy Child; NWS (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)
  29. Apple Juce Kid; Clocks
  30. South Rakkas Crew; Twelve (ft. Geefus & Ninja Kid)
  31. Goulet; Troubled
  32. South Rakkas Crew; Under Mi Sensi (Retro Mix ft. Mr. Vegas, Alozade & Hollow Point0
  33. Krinjah; Angel
  34. Beyoncé vs. DJ C; Work It Out (Crazy)
  35. Krinjah; Saigon – Ladies Big
  36. DJ C; Billy Jungle

7 thoughts on “DJ C Live in Milwaukee DJ Mix

  1. Your set did indeed cause the floor in that place to buckle. This is a great mix, inebriated or not!

    We hope to have you back up in mke soon!

  2. nice plastikman slipmats. i’m a secret richie geek, too. someone needs to remix some plastikman for a more grimy sound, maybe the track “plastique” off “muzik” or something. twisted textures from him, but a little weak on booty-shaking. he was killer live several years, back. i mostly dislike his newer live presence, though his label-mates like magda and troy pierce are up to some tricks.

  3. Quality mix – one question though, what’s the Ante Up reworking? Goulet? I can’t find it anywhere. It’s magic.

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